Dearest Friends,

Four village schools

Yesterday in four villages, Romnamvka, Broniki, Tupollsi, Nesolon, we saw God do wonderful things. The children stared in wide-eyed wonder at every part of the program. They had never seen puppets before, or so many poeple from different places at one time.

More, for most children and teachers, this was their first opportunity to hear about Jesus. Though, we were not allowed to pray with the children, we explained very clearly how they could trust Him. They really listened!

Most amazing was that in all these places the directors invited us to come again. They said that they would wait for us. One director said ‘You have brought love from above to these children.’

At one school, we received an armload of flowers from the children. They were so grateful we had come. We are most grateful for this wonderful opportunity. We love working in these villages!


Last night after a show at a church, a little girl came up and spoke to me. Her face was radiant. In English,she kept saying ‘thank you very much’. I felt like there was more she wanted to say, so I asked for a translator.

Karina told me that she had never been to church before that night. She introduced me to her older sister Ira, who had also never visited church. Best of all, she told me that she had prayed to receive Christ as her Savior that night. However, I had already guessed that from the look on her face.

Please pray for Karina to come to church and learn more about Jesus. Ask God to call her family to faith.


Today we are in four more villages and tomorrow we go to new places. Please ask God to hold open these doors and pour His Spirit on this work.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Pastor Sasha