Dearest Friends,


Did you know that France has more registered witches than any other European nation?

A Paris Street Show & More News

We received a letter from our friend Peter who we worked with in Paris. The following are his words: "Your message was shared with a congregation of 100 people on the street who chose to stay. The average number in a French evangelical church building on a Sunday after 20 years of ministry, is 20 people."

This illustrated for us the need to have this kind of ministry partnering with local churches, so that they can reach people who would not normally come in their doors. This is what we have done all week as we have worked with many churches.

Our friend in Paris told us that 15 took a gospel leaflet that day. It had the addess of a good local church on it. More, 2 Muslims spoke to him, asking questions about man’s separation from God by sin. With both of them, he was able to answer their questions by going through the Gospel tract. Please pray for Peter Kent as he continues to share Jesus on the streets.


1) We had the opportunity to have very good conversations with 2 sales people while playing tourist in Chartres! Pray for these ladies to come to Jesus.

2) Praying over our meal in McDonald’s puzzled many, but it is another opportunity to "salt" the culture.

3) An official at a facility where we shared asked if I was married. When I told him the story and shared the hope that Jesus gives me, he was shocked. He said, "This is surreal. I do not understand how you can speak of hope under these circumstances." Please ask God to show him the reality of the Cross and the hope that Jesus gives.

4) One gentleman in a wheelchair came to a program we did at a hospital. He seemed very surprised when we began the program, willing to do the whole thing just for him. For years now, I have been doing programs for up to 2000 children at a time and programs for 1, 2 or 3 children. God does not see numbers, He sees individuals. I am so grateful that He saw me, one little 5-year-old child who was desperately hungry for His love. Pray for Maurice!

5) Finally, another lady, Sylvie, came, and both were riveted by the story of the Gospel. God touched them. Both Maurice and Sylvie kindly agreed to have Anna continue to visit with them. Please pray for these new friends and the time that Anna and her mother will spend with them.

6) I am often asked the following questions: "Do you have children? Are they married? Do they love Jesus?" I praise God for the witness that Josh and Teresa and Matt and Jill are being to people they do not know by virtue of their testimony.

7) Though the man in charge of our visit to the hospital did his best to discourage us from coming, even offering to let us forget about it and leave after we had arrived, we did do the program. I was blessed by Anna’s sweet spirit as she dealt with his discouraging spirit.

8) In 2 meetings last night, we began to make plans to start work among the children of Nigeria and Senegal. An incredible series of events made these 2 meetings possible. Please pray for wisdom as we begin to look at these 2 countries. The ministry in these places is over 1 year away, but it takes a long time to plan an outreach to a country. Pray!

New Friends, Old Friends

Since I came to France, I have had many opportunities to share about this past year and what God has been doing in my life since Mike’s death. I did not know that Anna and her mother, Carol, had been translating all of my e-mails and sending them to French brothers and sisters. I am so grateful! These dear French Christians have been faithfully praying for me and my family and the trips.

So, I arrived in France not knowing anyone but being well known by many. It was at their request that I shared about Mike, my longing for him and the goodness of the Father. I have seen that many others share my same pain, and by God’s grace, I’ve been able to encourage them with my testimony of how God is healing my heart.

Constantly, I am reminded of how much God loves me! As hard as this is, I truly rejoice that I can be a comfort to others in their hurt. So many of you have comforted me. It is sweet to have the privilege to offer others comfort as I have been given comfort. The response has been incredible, with people asking me to share Mike’s testimony again and again.

Please ask God to make me gentle, wise, and full of His love. There are so many hurting people that I meet who have no comfort because they do not know Jesus. Please ask God to make me a light in their worlds. I could not survive this pain without my faith in Jesus Christ and I ache for the French people that I have shared with to have the same hope. Pray! Continue to pray after I have returned home!

Prayer Request

I leave tomorrow, Saturday, and because of the time difference, will arive on Saturday afternoon in Atlanta. Pray me safely home! We have 1 more program today and dinner tonight. Pray also for these opportunities.

In Jesus,