Dearest Friends,

Tomorrow, our team leaves for Florida to do ministry at our younger son’s church. I am so excited to see Matt, Jill and Baby Luke! God is so good to me. I have the pleasure of sharing Jesus with children, the company of amazing friends, and I will be with my family. Please hold us in your prayers.

Note: The following article on France was written my way home from Paris.


As I write these words, I am over the Atlantic Ocean, but by the time that you receive this email I should be home. I have been thinking about my visit to France and especially remembering a visit to the Chartes Cathedral.
One morning, Anna and I played tourist and took a trip to see one of Europe’s most famous churches. It is an impressive structure, with incredible stained glass windows and amazing gargoyles. Each year thousands of people flock to this place as tourists and to worship. I do not believe that they had the same response that I did.
To be honest, this place made me weep. I watched people praying to idols that could not see their pain or ever help them. I saw a grandfather with his grandson lighting a candle in front of one of these idols, clearly believing that this act would help them in some way. It reminded me of what I had seen in Taiwan and IndiaÂ. something man made that stands in God’s place. Scripture rang in my ears Thou shall have no other gods before me. Exodus The just shall live by faith. Romans Jesus said, "I came that you might have life and have it more abundantly." John 10:10 Jesus said," I am the way, the truth, and the life." John 14:6 The dear people I saw seemed so sad and hungry for hope, but they found no comfort.
I have come to love the French people so much! Their kindness to me this week overwhelmed me and I ache for France to know the truth of God’s words. There are so few people who believe in France, but they are a light for Jesus Christ. Please pray for your brothers and sisters there. Ask God to increase their numbers, make them bold in sharing His love, and wise in their presentation of His hope. More, don’t give up on France and the rest of western Euorpe. Pray ! Expect God to answer your prayers for France!


Anna and I finished our ministry together in France with a special afternoon program for senior citizens and a few childrenÂ. an interesting mix. They really listened and many had tears in their eyes as we talked about God’s faithfulness in good times and bad times. It was a very special time and a sweet way to finish.

I am eternally grateful to Anna for asking me to come to France and not giving up until I said yes!

Last Sunday night, I spoke at Midway PCA in Powder Springs. It is always my heart’s desire to speak about God’s mercy and kindness, but at the service, I saw these qualities beautifully displayed.
A young couple gave birth to a beautiful little girl the previous Wednesday, but she was born with a terminal heart defect. Nothing could be done.
Accompanied by the grandparents, they came to baptize her as a sign of God’s covenant of love with His people. At their request, we sang "Great is thy Faithfulness." Then, they took vows before the whole church promising to raise her to love the Lord. I wept at the depth of their faith. May the Lord give you and I such deep trust in Jesus!


If you love what God is doing in the lives of children through the puppet ministry, could you please call me (706-397-2956) or write me an email ( and ask me to come and share their stories. To be honest, we need to involve more people in praying for this work and supporting it.
Thank you for all you do to help us tell children about Jesus.

In Jesus,
Linda for our teams in France and the USA