Dearest Friends,

Thank-you for praying for us over the past year. I thought that you might like to know what God did through your prayers. Our heart’s desire is to share Jesus Christ with children, teenagers, and adults using puppets, storytelling, and even balloons. This year, God has opened doors for us to work on five continents, sharing God’s love with over 60,000 children, teenagers, and adults. We trained and equipped many foreign nationals with tools to reach their own countries for Christ.

In the last 12 months, we have worked in the mountains as well as the major cities of Taiwan sharing with Buddhist children and seen many come to faith. In rural India, God opened doors to share with Hindu children who were also very responsive to the Gospel. In March, we shared in the squatter camps of South Africa with Moslems and in the Zulu nation to children with AIDS, many of whom will not grow up. James and Lyn Grant are doing a fantastic work there and need your prayers. In June, we ministered in the Northeast of Brazil to children who live in desperate poverty. Please pray for Gerson and Fabiana Simioni, newly married in December, who are doing an amazing job of reaching Brazilian children for Jesus. August found us traveling with an Irish band, Reality, both in Northern Ireland and Ireland doing street ministry. Please pray for Sam Shaw as well as the band members of Reality, as they all work in a very difficult place.

In September, we traveled to Ukraine and told orphans that there is a Father who loves them. We saw God do great things in France, beyond our
expectations. Please pray for Anna McIlwaine, as she is committed to reaching the children of France. Everywhere that we traveled, we saw hundreds, thousands in some places, respond to the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

More importantly, the Lord blessed and enabled us to train and equip
nationals in all of these places who continue to reach their own children for Christ. These friends challenged all of us to love Jesus deeper and with passion.

We also maintained an active ministry in the US sharing Jesus on the
streets, at churches, camps, in schools, and in prisons. The Father opened doors for us to train people here as well and we stand in awe of Him.

Personally, with the help of many friends who have been sacrificial with their time and strength, I enjoyed having college students in my home for lunch(40 plus at a time). We also had a fall bonfire/hayride Harvest Party, a Jesus Birthday Party with lots of cookies, and did Christmas tours at my home, sharing with 500 children. There is not room to list all of the people who made all of these outreaches possible.

Since the death of my dear husband, our Director, God has proven time and again His faithfulness. He promises to be a husband to the widows
and He keeps His promises. I miss Mike every moment of every day, but I find my comfort in Jesus and I look toward the day that we will be together again in heaven. There are no words for the longing that I have for his wisdom, company, and leadership. Please hold me before the throne as we have much work to do in 2007 and I continue to feel Mike’s loss very keenly.


All of these things were blessed by the Father because so many people stayed on their knees. Your prayers are impacting the world for Jesus Christ. Keep praying!


Please pray for us as we make plans to share in 2007 in Slovakia, Taiwan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Peru, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Moldova, and in the United States. Ask God to use us to show many children, teenagers, and adults that He is their only hope. Please pray for the necessary funds to equip these teams.

We do need some new prayer warriors and team members who will support the puppet ministry financially. Please pray for these new partners.

Ask the Lord to bless Sam Shaw, our Assistant Director, as he makes plans to marry in June. We are all excited to have Silvana join our team!

Pray for young people in the U.S. to join the US team. E-mail me if you are interested.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, January 9th, we leave for Slovakia to work with Bevan Stein and The Father’s Heart. Please pray for many Gypsy and Slovak children to come to faith in Christ. We will return on the 25th of January.

In Jesus,
For the team
Heather Kelley
Mykayla Kelley
Jon Bova
J.T. Linville
Sam Shaw & Assistant Director