Dearest Friends,

A Red Paper Crane

Tonight, I recieved a beautiful gift. A little boy who was at a school show that we did earlier today, came this afternoon to the church show that we did. He came early and begged for a piece of paper. He made me a beautiful red paper crane as a thank you prescent for the story that he had heard earlier today. I treasure this gift.

Later, we talked and he told us that his father hits him. He is a very big man who towers over the boy, I met him he also came to the show. Please pray for the boys father to become convicted of his sin and ask Jesus to be his Savior.

Please pray for the little boy to put his trust in Jesus. He told us that he had not prayed before, but promised to think about it. Ask God to protect him. His story is so many childrens story. I love my red paper crane. My heart breaks for this dear little boy.

Gods Providence

Yesterday, we were scheduled to have 5 shows, but God showed us mercy. Two schools combined classes so that were able to share with the same number of children, but do fewer shows. This was a great gift to all of us as most of us are really sick with a bad cold, only Sam and Jon remain healthy. We did not have much strength and our voices were getting weak, but the change in the schedule enabled us to share with hundreds of teachers and students and do it well.

Please pray that we can quickly get over these colds. We are not sleeping well and our translator Dodo, especially needs to be well. He is also our driver and getting very tired.

The Pastor was very happy with the shows and especially kind to us as we recieved the news of my mothers stroke. He said that if we needed him, he would be happy to get up in the night and pray with us. I was very touched by his sympathy.

My Mother

As many of you read yesterday, my mother suffered a mild stroke. Within an hour of sending out the email requesting prayer, we began to recieve responses from all over the world. They continued to come in today. Your messages lifted my heart and will be a blessing to my mother when she is better.

I confess to you that I was overwhelmed by all the possibilities that this might mean. Coming so close to Mikes death, I as really scared. Talking to God did what it always does, my spirit calmed and the tears dried.

I remain very concerened for my mother. I love her so very much, but I am not coming home. I know I am doing what she would want me to do. She is a great woman of God who taught me to love Jesus. Please hold her in your prayers and ask the Father to help me focus on the needs of the children.


You can always reply to these emails. We are very blessed and encouraged by the messages we recieved.

Please pray for us as we travel to a gypsy village tomorow to tell hopeless children that there is hope.

In Jesus,

Linda for

Sam Shaw
Heather Kelley
Mykyla Kelley
Jon Bova
J.T Linville