Dearest Friends,

The Gift

Yesterday, we told children how God could be their Father. The crowd was mostly Gypsy teenagers and they hung on every word. We were all aware of the moving of Gods Spirit. However, we had been told by the Christians in charge of that weekly ministry that we were not allowed to pray. I knew the Father was calling some to faith, so we respected the rules we were given, but very carefully explained how someone could as Jesus to be their Savior.

After the program, a teenage girl named Yana came to talk to me. She wanted to thank me for the story that she had heard. I always tell the children that I love to bring home hats from other countries. At the beginning of the program, we always have 7 children come up to the front and put on the hats. Everyone laughs and then they can relax and have fun.

Yana was very moved by the program. She wanted to give me something that I really liked. It was important to her. So she said, I am sorry that I do not have a hat. This is all that I have. Then, she took her necklace off and put it around my neck. It was probably the nicest thing she owned. I have no words to express the feelings that I experienced.

I was so humbled by her great sacrifice. I talked with her a little more and then asked her if she had ever asked Jesus to be her Savior. She said, No, I pray, but I am not a believer.

I asked her if she would like to ask Jesus to be her Savior right now. I saw the yes mirrored in her eyes before she ever formed the words with her mouth.

Dodo and I had the sweet privilege of praying with her. She was so happy as she put her trust in Jesus and asked God to be her Father.

Her father is in prison for killing 2 men. Before he was convicted of these crimes, Yana was taken from him because he abused her so terribly. Her mother deserted her brothers and sisters and left the country. Please pray for this dear 14 year old girl to grow strong in her faith. Ask the father to help her forgive so many that have hurt her. We hear this same story so many times each day.

My Mother

Thank you for praying. My mother is home and resting. She will need to make some changes, but should recover from this stroke. Please continue to hold her in your prayers. She is very dear to me.

Puppet Shows

We are very busy and very blessed. We are mostly recovered from the colds we have all had and are feeling much better. We are traveling doing shows in Liptovsky Mikulas, Ruzomberok, Lucenec, Klenovec and many other towns and villages. Please pray for daily strength and wisdom.

The High Taras

We have been in the high Tatras, a snow capped mountain range that shows the greatness of our creator. The views are incredible, but the smiles of the children are the most beautiful sights we see. So many of them live in terrible places, but they smile and enjoy the puppet show, able for a little while to forget. The lasting changes in their lives come as they pray and trust Jesus. Every day we are more convinced that He is their real and only hope.

In Jesus,

Linda for
Sam Shaw
Heather Kelley
Mykayla Kelley
Jon Bova
J.T Linville