Dearest friends,


There are so many stories that we have not had time to tell you. Enjoy these blessings.
1) In a small village 200 children gathered in a culture center. We were told as we are about half the time, that we could not pray with the children. However, we were allowed to explain how someone can trust Jesus. God will always finish with the children.
2) Rejoice that two gypsyies came to faith in Jesus. They were so excited about the message that someone had shared with them, that soon ten others believed. These new Christians got a Bible and began to meet in the woods, studying the word of God all night around a fire. When they felt the need for leadership, God lead them to a local evangelical pastor. Now, there is a church in their village, meeting in an old house.
3) Thank God for His prouision for this house. The older lady who owned it spent her life hating God and now her home is used to share God’s love. The peolpe are so committed to coming that they wait outside for an hour before the service. That is when the bus runs and they do not want to miss worship. What committment!
4) Thank God for a director at an institution who came to thank us. He said, "You gave the children beauty today. Normally, we have many programs that come, but they are not quality like you. They are not beauty. "I love the idea of calling the Gospel beauty!
5) All of us were blessed by the snow that finally fell and J.T. was excited to see his first castle.
6) I have been personally blessed by every member of this team. They have all been so dedicated and focused on the children. Thank God for the faithfulness and kindness of Heather, Mykayla, Sam, Jon, Dodo and J.T!
7) Praise God for the precious children and young people (all gypsies) who prayed to receive Christ with us our last day in Slovakia. All were deperatly poor and many were orphans. In Jesus, they are rich and no longer an orphan.

Deaf Children

Today, we had to triple translate, from English into Slovak into sign language. Rarely have we ever had so many teachers that honestly hated God. They depised our presence. One even interruppted the Gospel presentation to tell them they did not have to pray if they did not want to. I always tell the children this statement, but he wanted to make sure it was said. The children knew nothing of God, nothing of Jesus. It was a matter of constant prayer to know how to tell the story.
At the end of the program one child and one teenager came and thanked us. Another child gave Heather a thank you present. It was the only thing that she had, a tube of nose spray. It has been my experience that when a child says thank you after a show, it is their way of saying I heard what you said. I really listened. This is especially true when it is perhaps the only word they have in a language that you can understand.

The Persecuted Church

Yesterday, we worked at a church that is very old. The members survived 70 years of communist persecution. It is a joy to partner with them as they seek to reach their children for Jesus. For so many years, the communist government forbid anyone under 18 to join the church. Today, many Christians struggle to believe that small children can come to faith in Jesus. Please pray for God to teach these dear friends the simple truth that Jesus calls children to Himself.
Thank God for those who already know that little ones can have real faith. Please pray for Pastor Benjamin and his wife Tara as they seek to teach the children for Jesus. They are a very sweet example of people who have enthusiasm for Jesus!


Tomorrow , at 5AM our time ,we start for home. We leave Slovakia with great joy! God is awesome! Watch for the final report in the next few days. Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!!

In Jesus,
Linda Summer,
Sam Shaw,
Heather Kelley,
Mykayla Kelley,
Jon Bova,
J.T linville,