Dearest Friends,

Snow and Whispers

Its snowing. We are all so happy. This is the mildest winder Europe has seen in 50 years. They have had no snow in Slovakia. However, today we enjoyed multiple snowball fights before and after the puppet show. We are in the village of Klenovec.

This morning, we woke up to a white world that is getting whiter by the minute. We went to a school for mildy handicapped children and they were delighted. So much laughter filled our ears and childrens soft whispers as the prayed. It filled our hearts with joy.

Katka Benovca

This lady is very special. For years she has been working with Gypsy children and other hurting children, funding most of the work herself. Often, I know that she has done without personally so that she had the supplies she needed to share with the children. Can any of us give this same testimony.

We are very excited to have brought Katka a set of equipment. She has a Gypsy children that she has been discipling and now they will have the opportunity to ministrer. Your kindness to children you do not know made this gift possible. Your prayers opened the door for this mew ministry and enabled us to find her. Thank you.

Prayer Requests

Please pray for this village, Klenovec. Ask God to call many children to himself.

In Jesus,

Linda for

Sam Shaw
Heather Kelley
Mykyla Kelley
Jon Bova
J.T Linville