Dearest friends,

We are in india with all of our luggage, thank you for praying. We had no problems at customs. This was a miracle, as we were about as suspicious looking as they come. We had 16 bags boxes and tubs, we walked through the nothing to declare line, with no major difficulties.

The timing of our arrival in india showed is Gods providence, Gods real concern for each one of us. Hours after we arrived a state wide strike was planned. Two states were fighting over water rights. By morning, we would have not been able to reach the campus as the roads would have been unsafe. As we drove home we passed tyres burning in the road, it was expected that cars would be atoned.

Our first show today was a miracle, more than 500 children came and many out there trust in Jesus. They got down on there knees and prayed out loud asking Jesus to be their Savior.

In 3 trips to india, we have only seen this once before. This is a great beginning. Continue praying.

In Jesus,

Linda for
Jeremy Snow
Anna Mc Illwaine
Sam Shaw
Hanson Manova