Dearest Friends,


A large group of orphans enjoyed the puppet show. These children came from many difficult places and have all found a good home at the Asian Christian Academy. All of them have stories of pain and neglect, but one little girls story truly broke our hearts.

Her father decided, that he no longer wanted his wife and daughter anymore so he put petrol on them and the room and lit it. Somehow, the mother managed to throw her little girl free of the flames, but she burned to death. Her daughter remembers.

The little girl still carries scars on her back from the fire, but her biggest scars are on her heart. Please ask the Lord to call her to himself. Please ask God to take away the terrible pain of what her father did. Pray for the day that her strongest memory will be the sacrificial love of her mother.

For his crimes, the father briefly went to prison. However, the police later ruled it a suicide. This is not uncommon, as a man can marry again and receive another dowry. Many such murders are listed as suicides in the papers.

Catholic School

We were warmly welcomed at a Catholic school, but told when we arrived not to use the name of Jesus at the begining of the program. 1600 + children and teachers, many were Hindu, sat on the ground and really listened to the story. I told them all about Jesus, His miracles, death and resurrection, but we honored their request. We did not mention the name of Jesus at the begining of the show, but His name and words were everywhere in the middle and end.

I have never seen teachers go and get chairs at the end of the program, put them on the stage, and honor us as they did. Again, God is pouring His Spirit on our time here.

Pray that we will be asked to return to the school and do a program for the remaining 2000 + children and teenagers.

When we finished the program, we went to the principal’s office for tea and cookies. A large blue buddha stood watch from a nearby table, this time gave us the opportunity to share more about Jesus Christ with the principal, teachers and a nun. They were all so happy with the program, rushing to thank me when we finished. More, they presented all of us with flowers.


Job 12: 22 states that "He brings deep darkness to light". This is such a dark place, false gods are everywhere. Please Pray for the father to use us, to shine His light into this terrible darkness.

In Jesus,

Linda for
Hanson Monova
Jeremy Snow
Anna Mc Ilwaine
Sam Shaw