Dearest Friends,
Thursday at 10 AM , 6 of us will leave for Taiwan. That is today! Please pray! Ask God to do more than we can imagine as we share with mostly Buddhists children!
Our hearts are still so full from our time in India. We received this wonderful thank you note from the young man who received a set of puppet equipment. Here is a part of his thank you note. His name is Alexander. Very soon, he will graduate from ACA and marry. Together, he and his wife will seek to reach children with the only hope, Jesus Christ.
Thankyou for all the help and prayer.
I am praying for you.
And your Agape Puppets Ministry.
In my heart I plan to do ministry after my graduation.
But only if it is the will of God.
Today I will start my Chidren’s ministry
There is a small village called ‘Eluvapally’
I will not carry all the stuff, but with Balloons and Thunder drum, etc…
Pray for me.
With great love and gratitude in Christ Jesus,
We were able able to give a number of students balloons and pumps . These small gifts were received with such enthuiasm and gratitude. Your gifts made these gifts possible. Below is a thank you note from just one of these dear young men. All of them are literally willing to risk their very lives so that Hindu children might hear about Jesus. All they ask of us is our prayers and some equipment. Please help us help them! Write me if you are called by God to help with their needs. Be blessed as you read this note from our friend Moses.
The time I spend with you and your team, it was encouraging to me. I believe that God is using you Mightly. Praise the Lord. Thanks for the balloons and pump which you gave to me. God blessed the ministry which we are doing presently. 14 chruches are established and 14 sunday schools. Continue to pray for the ministry,nearly 800 children are there. I will go in the summer. I will do ministry among them. Please pray for me. I think in future if God’s willing, you have to come and see our ministry. I was really challenged by your last day and encouraged.
Convey my regards to the team.I will be praying for you and for your team.
Bye for now
Your son in Christ
Pray for India! Pray for Taiwan! Beg the Father to deliver them from darkness into light!!!
In Jesus,Linda for the team