Dearest Friends,

We are in Taiwan! Yesterday as we prepared to leave, we asked God to do something beyond our imagination. God has already answered our prayers. We arrived in Taipei at 11 PM Friday night. Praise God that all of our tubs and suitcases arrived safely with no problems at customs.

Peter and Melody were waiting on us with the most wonderful news. Tomorrow may well be the single best day that we have ever had doing ministry in Taiwan. We will be working with World Vision at an amusement park doing programs for about 400 children all day long. These children are from very poor homes, many of them broken by alcohol or divorce. What makes this opportunity so special is that we have total freedom as we share.

When we go into Buddhist schools, we can tell a Bible story, present the Gospel clearly, and even tell the children how to pray to recieve Christ as Savior. However we still have to be very, very careful with the words we use, and at exactly what times in the program we introduce the Gospel. In some rural schools, we have even been allowed to pray with the children in the past but we must always be so careful.

This is what makes tomorrow/today so special. Everyone knows that World Vision is a Christian organization and they expect to hear about Jesus. We can really tell these children all about Jesus and how wonderful He is. We can pray with the children. Best of all we have all day to share with them. Please rejoice and please pray.

In Jesus,

Linda for
Sam Shaw
Heather Kelley
Mykayla Kelley
Jon Bova
Hannah Sager