Dearest Friends,

More Adventures in the Mountains

More than a hundred children were sitting on the ground in front of us to watch the puppet show. They were very excited because about two thirds had been at the show last year. One little boy came and told Mykayla that he remembered her from the previous year and was so happy to see her.

Behind them , the scenery was amazing. Tall mountain peaks and and a bright blue sky filled our view. Pastor Peter was translating for me and we had the best time telling the children the story of Joseph, how he had his eyes on God, and how they could forgive others when they had been forgiven. When we finished, so many children called on Jesus, asking him to save them! Praise God!

The children at another school were just as happy. It is wonderful when you see children enjoying and really getting excited about a Bible story. The principal thanked us for coming and invited us to come again.

We love these shows in the mountains because we have so much freedom to share. In other schools, we can tell the children how to pray, but here we can pray with them. Though we have returned to the city now, all of us are happy that we still have 2 more days of mountain shows ne!xt week. Keep praying!

Problems- Translators and the Mountain Puppet Team

No ministry is without problems and we have 2 that need your prayers. Please pray for the translators that will work with us over the remaining days. Pastor Peter has given sacrifically of his time, but cannot be with us tomorrow. Please pray for the lady who will translate for us. Ask the Lord to give her understanding, as well as the ability to tell the story with enthuiasm.

Earlier today, a school wanted us to use their translator. The young man was not a Christian and told us that he had never heard a Bible story, but he had spent 11 years in the United States. When he found out that we would pray with the children, he said, "Whoa! This will be really wierd…like I never saw anyone pray before." I wanted to weep. In all that time in America, he had never seen someone talking to God. It reminded me again how important it is to remember to stop and pray over our meals when we are out to lunch and dinner. Such a small thing, but he never saw one of us call on God.

He had lived in California and thought that if someone wore a cross, that meant they were a Christian. He was surprised to discover that faith was something that happened on the inside. His name is Eddie and he promised me that he would read some in the book of John that he owns. Please pray for him!

Our second concern is for the mountain puppet team that we equipped last year. They need leadership for their team. Though Pastor Ly really wants a puppet ministry, he needs someone to be in charge of this work. Please ask God to call someone to this ministry. The mountain schools are so open right now for evangelistic outreaches, but the door will not always be open. Please pray!

Hospital Show

Tomorrow, Saturday, we will be doing ministry at the largest hospital in Taiwan, Macau Hospital in Taipei. It was built by a Christian Canadian doctor many years ago. Many people will cross the lobby where we will set up our stage. Ask the Father to fill us with His compassion and His wisdom. Ask Him to call many to faith!

In Jesus, Linda for a very tired, but happy team