Dearest Friends,

I should not be able to write to you, but to our suprise, the house that we are staying at in the mountains has a high speed internet connection. I do not even have this at my house Georgia. From where we are sitting, we are looking out a window at the most incredible view. We are in the middle of the mountains and some of the tops are hidden by the clouds. ‘

This afternoon as I walked around the house and looked at the un believable view, tears filled my eyes. I was in awe of the wonder of God’s creation. There is a passage in scripture that talks about how if we refuse to praise God, then the rocks will call out His name. These mountains are screaming the name of the one true God and proclaiming His greatness.


The response at the first school that we did a program at today was unbelievable! Everyone really enjoyed the show. When we finished the program, all of the children crowded around us begging for our autographs. Many brought scraps of paper that they had obviously torn off someone elses page, but some held out their hand and begged us to sign it. The children got so excited that they began to say that they would never wash their hands. The same thing happened to me as I was shaking the children’s hands.

Everyone wanted to have their photograph made with us. Mykayla was even givin a beautiful flower as a thank you gift by one of the children. Their enthuiasm was very important because this is a rural school in a town that is dominated by a large temple, one that is very important to the Hakka people. Most of these children were hearing the Gospel for the very first time. Please ask God to help them remember what they heard today. Ask Him to call them to faith in Jesus Christ.


Not everyone was happy with our program. At the end of the program, the principal announced to the children what the message had been. She said, "Today we learned, that if we have a problem, we must help ourselves." She is Buddhist and this was her effort to try and destroy the message that the children had heard. You should have seen their faces when she spoke. They looked at her with total disbelief.

Many times during the story, I had said that we cannot help ourselves, only Jesus can help us. The children had listened with their ears and their hearts and her efforts failed.

We have more stories, but you will have to wait until later. Pray!!!

Love In Jesus, Linda for the team