Dearest Friends,

Tomorrow, May 11th, Sam Shaw and I leave for a very special trip. We cannot tell you where we are going as we will be working in a country that is closed to the open presentation of the Gospel. This trip needs your prayers more than any place that we have ever traveled. Please know that this is a potentially dangerous trip, but it is far more dangerous to disobey. Both of us and the Board of Directors for The Agape Puppets believe that this is the Lord’s will for us and we trust the Father to sort the details.

We will have the privilege of working with some amazing people who share with thousands of children every year. They are willing to risk everything to share Jesus, so it is a very small thing for us to risk so little to help them. Their faith challenges us to love Jesus more!

My husband Mike had a favorite saying that he often quoted to people when they expressed their fear for us. He would say that a Christian is absolutely indestructible until God wills it otherwise. Nothing will happen to us except what the Father has planned for us! We leave for this trip with complete peace and great anticipation.

Please devote yourself to prayer for this trip as you have never prayed for any other trip!

We do not know if communication will be possible, so please print off this list of requests and pray for us until we return home on May 27th. If we are able to write to you, we will!

1.Ask the Lord to blind the eyes of the customs officials. They must not open our bags and see the equipment. We cannot lie and we cannot tell the truth, so only the Father can make it possible for us to deliver this equipment safely to the nationals that we are working with.
2.Please pray for our brothers and sisters to have a great desire to learn these skills. Ask God to give them enthuiasm for trying different ways to share with children.
3.Please pray for Pavel’s safe passage as he travels to join us and serve as our translator. Ask the Lord to watch over his wife and children in his absence.
4.Ask God to make it possible for us to share with as many children as possible.
5.Please ask the Lord to make us wise and increase our puppet skills. Both of us are by God’s grace good storytellers, but we are both weak in the area of puppet skills. Normally, we have a team with us, but this time, we are the entire team. Please pray for strength and skill!

In Jesus,
Linda and Sam