Dearest Friends,

Our Last Day in Taiwan

Today was an incredible day! We went to two schools that we had never visited before. For most people in these schools, this was their first opportunity to hear about Jesus Christ. Both were public schools and nintey-nine percent Buddhist. We received the invitation to go to these schools, because in each there were Christian teachers that wanted us to come. The children in both places were absolutely thrilled with the program!

In one school, we had 685 children and at the other school, over 400 children. Their laughter and smiles made our last day in Taiwan very special. Both groups listened amazingly well, but at the second school the children stared at us with deep longing as they listened to the story. Peter and I both noticed the way they listened. You could see in their eyes that they believed the story that they were hearing. One principal spoke when we finished, again trying to diminish the message of the Gospel. Please pray that the children will remember the truth they heard and that it will root in their hearts! Please pray that both of these schools will allow us to return next year.

After a lovely lunch with 4 of our Chinese friends, we spent the afternoon with Peter and Melody dividing the equipment and planning next year’s ministry. Today people came to one of our shows to see the program and then invited us to do a show at another hospital next year. This evening, we had dinner with friends from 5 different countries. All of us share the same faith and we spent the evening planning future work in the Phillipines. Praise God!


Tomorrow morning, Thursday, March 29th, we begin our trip home! We need your prayers as we are all exhausted and travel is not an easy experience. Please pray that they do not loose our bags and that all of our flight connections are possible. Pray that we will not miss an opportunity to be a blessing to someone!

In Jesus,
Linda for Sam, Mykayla,Heather,Hannah,Jon,Peter, and Melody