Dearest Friends,


There are two wonderful reports from Peru that you have never heard. At our last show in Cusco, we did a show on the way to the airport. We were flying back to Lima so that we could take the night bus to Ayachuco.

God was so kind to us. After a week of shows in Cusco where the teachers did not help us, this show stood out as very different. Not only did the teachers help us, some of them joined the children in prayer. We heard so many asking Jesus to be their Savior and we received an invitation to come again. Praise God!

Our last day of shows in Ayachuco was equally sweet. In the late morning, we shared at a Christian school where the children were especially enthusiastic! They laughed, smiled, and loudly called on Jesus to be their Savior.

The last show was at an orphanage for children with disabilities, mental and physical. There was a second group of children there that did not have disabilities, but were so hungry for hugs and kindness. Another group was there doing clowning for the children. All of us received either bright red clown noses or kiss shaped stickers. We had as much fun as the children. People from several European nations were at the show. All of us heard the children praying out loud. Their faith was a sweet testimony to many adults that day.


It was so precious to go to Brazil and work with our Brazillian team, Gerson and Fabianna Simoni, accompanied by Sam Shaw’s Irish team. Ironically, a spiritualist arranged for us to go to a school in a favella. The children lived in very small houses and were constantly exposed to drugs and alcohol addiction, prostitution, and all kinds of abuse. Hundreds prayed out loud, calling on Jesus to save them. The spiritualist lady that arranged the show was so moved by the program that she came to talk to me with tears in her eyes. She said, "You have brought light to this place. You have brought light to me." More, she offered to arrange more shows in other difficult places.
I was also very blessed to share a ministry report at a church and have many people respond to the stories about the children. We met with 2 other groups of friends and planned future ministry in Brazil. I also had some opportunities to teach our Brazillian friends a new story.
Gerson and Fabianna Simoni have joined PEF as missionaries to Brazil and are now able to receive support. With great joy, I recommend to you these dear friends which are our lead directors. They took such wonderful care of me in Brazil, spoiling me with their kindness. More, they are sacrifical in their efforts to reach the children of South America with the hope that only Jesus brings. Please pray for them!

SAM AND SLYVANA ARE MARRIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was also in Brazil so that I could have the sweet pleasure of seeing Sam Shaw, our Assistant Director, married to Slyvana Simoni, Gerson’s sister. It was a beautiful wedding that honored Jesus Christ. Sam practiced and was able to recite his vows in Portuguese!
Mike was so very proud of Sam and loved him like a son. I am sure that he was rejoicing in heaven for Sam! I am so happy to have such a sweet new ministry partner in Slyvanna! Please pray for them as they prepare to move to Ireland and begin their new life!


I was so thrilled with our new team and am so confident that they will do a great work for Jesus. Our final day in Peru, they all gathered for one last class. As always, they were so focused and so full of joy. I know that they will bless many children! Please pray for Donna Saune and their new puppet team. These are amazing people!


Today, after the puppet show, a little boy came to see me and said, "That picture you drew inspired me. Could I please have it?" The little boy was 11 or 12. What picture "inspired" a young boy? I had drawn a picture of a heart and explained that when you trust Jesus, he filled your heart with love, hope, and peace. He took away your fear. More, I told them, when you are forgiven, you can forgive others. Pray for this little boy to hold onto these truths!

When I talked with the children today, I was aware that manyƂ most were from broken homes. I talked with them about how Jesus can solve your problems. I said, "Maybe there is a lot of arguing in your home and sometimes you are scared. Maybe you don’t know what to do." One little girl softly said these words and pointed at herself, "Yes, I’m afraid." Pray for this little one. God knows her name.

Our last show today was in a very difficult place. The adults in charge were not pleased to have us there and did not encourage the children to come and see the show. However, those that came had the best time. They loved every part of the program and were so happy even though we had problems with our sound. They thanked us so many times!

One little boy said to me "I wish your were my Mom." I wanted to cry.

Most of these children that we are seeing do not go to church. For many, our programs are one of their few opportunities to hear about Jesus. We need you to pray! Ask the Father to hold open these doors. Tomorrow, we have a show with children from a summer reading program and a day camp. Please pray!


Sunday, a little boy raised his hand and asked me a question. He said, "Do you think you’re beautiful?" I smiled and said, "No son, I’m just old." With a very serious face he replied, "I think you’re beautiful."

In Jesus,
Linda for the team,
Heather Kelley
Mykayla Kelley
Pablo Tarquino
Alejandra Tarquino
Jon Bova
Katie Humfleet