Dearest Friends,


The response that we are seeing is unbelievable! We are here and yet we struggle to explain what we see God doing. So much is happening. Tonight, on the street, a young Polish man named Jacob prayed to receive Jesus with our Slovak team mate and I. His name is Jacob and because we are working with good local churches in each city, we were able to connect him with friends who will help disciple him. There are even other Polish Christians in this church. God is so good!

Please pray for him and ask God to make him a strong believer as he returns to Poland in late September. Another friend is getting him a copy of the scriptures in Polish. Tonight , he asked me questions about the reality of God. When his questions were answered, he said that he had no other reason not to ask Jesus to be his Savior. We were so blessed by his prayer.

Tonight, this entire day has been a special blessing. I received it as a special gift from the Father, a special comfort. As I spent the day sharing, He focused my eyes on others and their needs. God is outside of time as we know it; He is in eternity always, but you and I live in days and weeks and months and years. We cannot help but notice the passing of time . I always know how long it has been since my husband Mike went home to heaven. Today was the 1 year and 11 month mark. I still miss him so much:I will always miss him so much! However, I want you to know how especially dear the Father is on these very difficult days.

Today, by His grace, I told 4 stories on the streets at 2 different locations. It was not an easy day, but it was a precious day. Each time as I felt so weak, God was so strong. The stories went well, honestly better than usual. I was surrounded by very dear brothers and sisters on the puppet team and in the band. They were so very kind, reflecting God’s love to me in all they did.

Huge crows, hundreds and hundreds of people, stood listening to simple Bible stories about Zacheus, Peter, Jonah, and Joseph. Some stood for a couple of hours not wanting to miss anything that the puppets or the band were doing. In my weakness and sadness, God showed me His great mercy and power. There were so many incredible conversations with people who came up to us between and after the shows.

Silvanna, Sam’s wife, is from Brazil and shared Christ with a man tonight in Portugese. Anna, our French puppet director, had an amazing opportunity to talk with 2 students from Switzerland in French. Mili, our Slovak friend, shared hope with several people who spoke Slovak. Michelle and Raymie, part of Reality, brought a homeless man home for dinner with us and he became a new friend. More, a ride to church on Sunday was arranged for him.

Please continue to pray as we travel to Castlebar and Westport tomorrow for more shows. Ask the Father to pour His spirit on what is said and done!

In Jesus,Linda for all of us

P.S. It is pass 2AM when I am writing this letter. Your prayers are urgently needed or I would be in bed. You are impacting Euorpe for Jesus as you stay on your knees. We want you to pray and continue to rejoice.