Dearest Friends,

We are amazed at all that we’ve seen the Father do! Europeans do not stand in the street and listen for hours to a Christian band, puppets, and Bible stories. However, this is what we have seen in Tralee and now in Galway. God faithfully answered your prayers concerning the weather and gave us many opportunities to share on the streets in Tralee. The response was incredible! Hundreds gathered for almost every show, sometimes ignoring bad weather and heavy traffic to listen.


Each year, 200,000 attend the Rose of Tralee festival. People come from all over Europe and there were even people from South America, North America and Africa. I also met one lady from mainland China. This was an opportunity to impact the world for Christ.

They have a large stage where they feature bands and different performers. We always set up on the corner of the street by the bank, but this year we were also invited to do a program on the main stage. This was our fourth year in Tralee, but our first time to be given this invitation. More, we were the only Christian group that was given this privilege. A crowd of more than 500 people gathered to hear about Jesus Christ. Most of these people would not often go to church if they attended at all. Again I am reminded that it is so important that we go to the streets and tell the people there of the hope that Jesus gives.

When we would look into the eyes of the people that we were sharing with, we saw such great need. They were hungry to have answer to their questions. They were desperate for hope. Our hearts broke as we thought about all of these dear people, many of whom have never heard the truth about Jesus Christ.


Please pray that we will receive an invitation to do a program on the main stage next year.

Please pray for our time in Galway. Ask God to pour His Sprit on the shows at Salthil this afternoon and in downtown Galway tonight.

In Jesus
Linda for,

Sam and Silvana
Reality & the Irish band we are traveling with