Dearest Friends,

We finished our time in Northern Ireland today with 2 shows, one at a housing estate in Downpatrick and the other in Belfast on the Shankhill Road. Earlier today we sent out an email requesting prayer for these 2 shows. I want to thank you if you were praying for us! The Father faithfully poured His spirit on these shows and did more than we could ask or imagine. Again today, we heard children praying out loud calling on Jesus to be their Savior. None of us could believe our ears. One little girl who lead all the rest in prayer, finished praying, and then began to tell everyone about what had just happened to her. She said,"Jesus is the King of my heart!" Please pray for Shannon and the other children to grow strong in their faith.

On the Shankhill Road, the children came running out to the mini-bus to greet us. Yesterday, we had talked with them about how to talk to God and we made a list of their prayer requests. Many were learning to pray for the first time. When they greeted us today, one little girl proved that she had learned the importance of talking to God. She came and asked us to pray for her Mom who is having surgery. This was a big thing for this child to do. Please pray for all the children to go to God with everything!

Please pray us "safe home".

IN Jesus,Linda for all of us