Dearest Friends,


Tomorrow we leave for Moldova in Eastern Europe. We will be working with a wonderful man named Alexandru Sandulac, the same man that we worked with on our first trip to Moldova two years ago. Many of you will remember that I was in Moldova when Mike died in an auto accident and this is the first time that I have been back since his death. The second anniversary of his death will be September 21st while I am in Moldova.

Please pray for God to pour His Spirit on this trip and to call many to faith in Him. Also, please pray for me as this is a very difficult time and I need your prayers. I was very comforted on Sunday as my pastor, Travis, called for the elders and anyone else who wanted to come forward to pray for me because they could see how much trouble I was having. God is faithful and I know that His strength is made perfect in weakness. I have the weakness part covered, so I am anticipating that He will give me the strength.

We will be resupplying our existing team that Sam Shaw, our assistant director trained on the last trip. Also, we will be equipping a brand new team so that they can reach the children of Moldova for Jesus Christ.

I still have some wonderful stories to tell you from Ireland, as well as stories from the six puppet shows that we did between Ireland and Moldova. Please continue to praise God for all that He is doing.

Love in Jesus,
Linda for
Kim Moore
Gewn Moore
Drew Moore
Marsha Spencer