Dearest Friends,

Today we have our last 2 shows in Northern Ireland and then we leave for the airport at 1AM. There will be no sleep tonight!
Please pray for us to travel safe home as our Irish friends say. Also, we have a big outreach planned at my home church the day after we return on Saturday afternoon at 5PM. Please ask the Father to pour His spirit on that program!

I have another wonderful report from the Shankhill Road where we have been doing puppet shows. Thankyou for holding these children in your prayers! Tonight, we have one last time with them, as well a show in a housing estate in Downpatrick this afternoon. Pray with enthuiasm for all of these children to hear and receive what they hear about Jesus.

We had an incredible evening! Earlier in the day, Sam treated us to a ride up the North coast and all of us were awed by God’s great creation. Then, we went straight to Belfast for the show. It was especially sweet last night. We were teaching the children about prayer, how you talk to God. Some stood up and prayed out loud, but all contributed to a list we made of their requests. There were sick relatives on their hearts and some expressed concern for their brothers schoolwork. Best of all, 3 children named 3 different family members that they wanted to know Jesus as Savior. I can’t wait to see what God does tonight.

In Jesus, Linda for the team