Dearest Friends,

Today, we had 3 wonderful puppet shows. One was in Russian and 2 were in Romanian. The first show was at a public school and we were not allowed to pray with the children, but we were allowed to explain to them how they could pray. They absolutely loved the show and laughed at all of the funny things the puppets did. Best of all, they really listened to the story about Jesus. A teacher who was not a Christian came to us after the show and thanked us for the program. She was touched by the story. Both principals invited us to come again.

I also had great conversations with both principals in private and some of the other officals at the school. I told them about my previous visit to Moldova and what had happened with Mike. They knew that I had told the children that Jesus heals the brokenhearted. I told them that these weer not just pretty words, but the truth that I held onto, the truth that Mike and I built our lives upon. They listened with intensity and asked me to sit down so that they could ask more questions. I marvel at how the Lord uses every thing that happens to us to bless others. I have thanked God so many times today for His mercy!

The second group of children was oddly quiet. I later found out that the teachers had told them not to laugh or make any noise. No wonder they responded as they did. These children were mostly mentally handicapped and after the show , they showed us how very happy they were to see us. They crowded around us and would not stop talking.

The last show was a street show at an apartment building and very wild. People were everywhere and we had to really watch the equipment. It was my favorite show of the day. Over a 100 children and adults stood for an hour to watch the show, but more, they heard about Jesus Christ. Almost everyone who was there never attends church of any kind. This was an especially wonderful time. We will return there tomorrow in the morning and need your prayers.


This matter needs your prayers. Five tubs are still lost and the situation has become complicated. I need you to pray for the Lord to deliver our equipment to us. I believe after 4 overseas phone calls today and 2 trips to the airport in between 3 shows that it is only the Lord who can resolve this matter. I need this equipment and the gifts that are also inside the tubs. Thank you for praying!

In Jesus,Linda for Kim, Gwen,Drew and Marsha