Dearest Friends,

We are in Moldova, but without 5 tubs of equipment. We saw it on the ground in Vienna beside the plane, but the plane was too small to load it. They promised to deliver it tomorrow, but this matter needs your prayers. We need our puppets, but we do have enough equipment to do the shows tomorrow in a modified format. God was very good to us that some bags arrived with us!

Our friend Alexandru met us at the airport and told us about the schedule for the next 3 days. We are in the capital city of Chisinau and will do 10 shows here during these 3 days. Sometimes, we will do the programs in Russian and sometimes in Romanian. It depends on where we are. Please expect for God to wake you up to pray for us if you are in America as there is a 7 hour time difference to the east coast. When we start at 9:30 AM here, it will be 2:30 AM at my home in Georgia.

Please pray as there is opposition to the Gospel here from former Communists who still hate God. Please ask the Father to make us wise and kind and strong.

In Jesus, Linda for the Team