Dearest Friends,

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Alex is a little 11 year old boy with dark hair and beautiful dark hair. He smiles quickly! He is growing up in a home funded by people in Sweden. His parents are very poor and cannot afford to feed him, so he lives in this group home.
We set up outside this place to do a show. The children loved the program, but so did the neighbors who stood to watch. One older man stood outside the fence listening, 2 other ladies watched from the house next door, and so many others stopped to listen. Our van driver was not a believer, but when we invited him to come, he eagerly accepted. Normally, he would just drop us off, but he watched the show with such intensity, he looked like a big child. It was wonderful! All of the children seemed to have an especially good time.
When we finished, I gave an invitation to the children and we could hear some children praying in soft whispers. After the show, I talked with Alex and he told me that he had prayed. I told him that when I was little and became a Christian, people did not believe me because I was so young. However, I knew it was real because I felt so different inside. I asked him if he felt different. You should have seen his smile as he answered, "YES!!!" One of our friends goes to this place regularly and will bring Alex some scripture to read. Please ask the Father to make him a great man of God!


One of those who watched from outside the fence at the Swedish children’s home said to me that I had such energy when I told stories. I told her that I simply had great enthusiasm for Jesus and what He did for me. She saw something different in me that she could not explain because many Christians in Eastern Europe lack enthusiasm as they present the Gospel.
Please remember that not so very long ago it was not possible for us to do what we are doing now in Moldova. There was an organized effort to destroy the witness of Jesus in the old USSR. It is impossible for us in the west who have never known anything but freedom to understand this struggle. The believers here love the Lord deeply, but carry so many memories of life under Communism. For example, you were not allowed to invite children to church. More, at Easter and Christmas, teachers would stand outside the doors of the church and make a list of any children in Moldova who dared to attend. Then a group of teachers would visit their homes and yell at their parents. Please pray that we can encourage our brothers and sisters here to be enthusiastic for Jesus as their faithfulness has been an encouragement to all of us. Pray for the Lord to raise up national believers who are bold for the Gospel and can put aside their memories of the past.

How can I describe to you the wonders that we are seeing the Father do among the children, teenagers, and adults! At every show, we have a different experience, but it is always a blessing. Your faithful prayers are making such a big difference. Today, we did a show at a culture center in a village. These were built by the Communists to spread their propaganda that God did not exist. I confess that I take special pleasure in standing in these places and telling the children about how God made them!

At least 300 young people gathered this afternoon for a puppet show at a technical school. They loved the program and listened with an intensity that surprised our translator. I spoke to them about Joseph and how he trusted God in good times and in bad times. I told them about my own good times and bad times and challenged them to consider faith in Jesus Christ. I was especially proud of a young man who is traveling with us, Drew Moore. He spoke with authority about his faith in Jesus and the young people really listened. Praise God! I have a great team, but will tell you more about them tomorrow.

We are working with the most precious people. They have such incredible testimonies. One young man became a Christian while in prison and was so changed that they released him early. One young woman came to faith in Christ and then her foster mother who had abused her terribly became a Christian because of her witness. That is what true forgiveness looks like as it is lived in this young woman’s life. Another friend’s home was used as a distribution point for smuggled Bibles during the days of communism.

Today, I heard another great story about a lady who helped us at a village show. She was a Jehovah’s Witness for 10 years until one day she invited some Christians into her home to do a Bible study. They were walking down the road and saw her standing on the porch. They asked her if she was interested and she said,"Yes." As they studied the book of John, she came to faith. She felt terrible about having told everyone in the village the wrong information about God and went to visit all of them and ask their forgiveness.


One of dearest friends here is Alexandru Sanduleac who is a pastor in Cupcini. I want to enthusiastically recommend his ministry and his friends to you as potential partners in ministry. He scheduled this entire trip, working with his friends across Moldova to give us some of the best opportunities to share Christ with the children. He and his family are very dear people who truly live for Jesus. You can read more about their work by visiting their website at He does visit the United States and share. Write to him by email at and schedule him to speak at your church. He speaks English fluently and will bless your church with stories of what Jesus is doing in Moldova. Please pray for him. Specifically, please ask the Lord to have the authorities choose their application for a radio station. Others have applied, but theirs is the only Christian one in the group. This could be a powerful tool for the kingdom.

In Jesus, Linda for Drew, Kim ,Marsha, and Gwen