Dearest Friends,

I wrote to you the other day about these boys and how they prayed to receive Jesus at a street show we did. God was so good to us! We were able to connect them with a small local church and our pastor friend will give each of them a Bible when they come to church this Sunday. Another friend, our translator, Gregory, teaches Bible Study to teenagers and has also made a connection with them. Please pray for these boys to grow strong in their faith!
The last day that we were in their town, they came to the first show and took 2 different buses to reach us at the second show. They even brought me gifts. Chris gave me a beautiful piece of coral that his parents had brought him from Israel. It was precious to him and now it is precious to me. Stas made me the prettiest bracelet. I was so touched. They told me that they had been friends since they were in kindergarten and brought me their picture from school as another gift.

We went to an orphanage yesterday afternoon where most of the children did not even smile when they saw the puppets. They had been so terribly hurt that they had shut down emotionally. As they listened to the story of Joseph, I looked into the saddest eyes. Always, I tell children at an orphanage that there is a Father who loves them. One of the officials there came and spoke to us after the program. She was so excited about all that she had heard and said that she saw God’s love in my face. I told her how kind God had been to me and explained to her through Mike’s testimony how she could know God. Please pray for her to come to faith. Our pastor friend goes there as often as he can afford the gas and teaches the children. The official asked him to come every week, but there are no funds for gas. There is such need in that place.
Sam and I and our team from almost 2 years ago shared in this place. The official told me that they had not told the children we were coming again or they would have been so excited that they would have stood by the gate all day. I am so humbled by the way that the children love these programs. Please keep praying. Two little children called softly out to Jesus last night and asked Jesus to save them.

Last night, we set up our program beside the castle walls of a wonderful stone tower that stands beside a river. So many adults and children gathered to listen to the story of Zacheus and watch the puppets. Two policeman stayed through the entire program and heard about Jesus. It is rare here for a policeman to be a Christian. When I asked what one of the policeman thought about the program while he waited to receive a balloon, he told me something that surprised me. He criticized us for not advertising this show better so that more children could have come. He wanted all of the children to see and hear what he had seen and heard. This man was not a believer, but drawn to the Gospel. Please pray for him to come to faith.
You may wonder why we did not choose a better location? The mayor of the town would only give his permission for this place. Ask God to make him more favorable to the Christians in this area.

We just finished a show under some big trees for 43 boys who were in trouble with the law. They were 13 to 15 and you would have expected them to be hard and tough, but they were very much little boys who just wanted to enjoy the program. I heard one boy praying very quietly, but by their changed faces, I believe others trusted in Jesus today. They listened with such intensity to every word of the story of Joseph and smiled so big when they saw the puppets. This is another place where our pastor friend works. Again, it is the cost of the gas that keeps him from going more often. This is the same problem that our team in Peru has, they need gas money.
Though the people in charge do not believe, they recognize that these boys are in trouble and need help. Praise God that the Christians in this area see these boys’ needs.

Love in Jesus, Linda for Kim, Marsha, Gwen and Drew