Dearest Friends,


I met a lovely lady today who told me many interesting things about Hungary. A very long time ago, the Reformation came to Hungary. Many pastors preached fearlessly and some were even sold into slavery as punishment for what they said.

She told me how during a desperate time, revival swept across Hungary. People were very poor and many were forced into hiding for fear of the Turks. They were very hungry. Preachers would go to these hiding places, stand on a hill and proclaim the hope of Jesus. People listened because their need was so great.

Today, she told me is a different day and described the church as sleepy. She said that it doesn’t help that the government is Communist and opposes historic Christianity, but the real problem is a desperate need for God to send another outpouring of His Spirit to this place. I was thrilled as she told me about the revival that has begun in the Gypsy community and in a few other places.

She gave me 2 prayer requests. Please pray for Hungarian Christians to become passionate about Jesus and willing to do ministry. Please pray for God to be kind to Hungary and send revival again.


Sometimes when we are doing a program for the children, it is so hard. You can feel the unhappiness of the adults in the room and more, you can see it on their faces. At times like this, we have learned not to look at the adults and focus on all of the smiling children. Today was this kind of a day as we shared in a village culture center.

Many mothers came with their children and that was great, since they had not heard much about real faith. Most people here think that they must be good so that they can know God. Too many do not know the simple Bible words , "The just shall live by faith."

It was awesome to see the crowd more than 3 times bigger than was expected. Everyone was so surprised and happy with the opportunity that the Lord gave us. Still ,others who were with us commented about the feeling in the room. Some who came strongly disagreed with what they heard, but no one left until the end of the program. Today they heard a clear and sweet presentation of the Gospel. Praise God! Please pray that this seed will grow in their hearts.


All of us were very excited about the students response to the class that we began teaching today. Some even told us that they wanted us to keep going and not stop. This is always a good comment to hear from students. Please pray that we will be able to do a good job for these young people who have come form 11 countries to study God’s word here at Word of Life.

They also represent many different churches. While we are here, we are working with Baptist, Reformed, and Lutheran Churches as we travel to many different towns and villages doing puppet shows. Sunday, we shared with the children at an international church in Budapest, a Non-denominational fellowship and they were extremely responsive to the program.

Two little boys came running up to Sam when we finished and said, "You rock!"


In Jesus,Linda for the Team, Sam, Silvana, Calah, and Billy