Dearest Friends,

The Best Show

Today, we went to do a show in a nearby village. The room at the culture center was packed. Many of our students also attended. Every opportunity is precious, but some programs are especially sweet! Today was such a day. The children loved everything that we did and were so excited. They truly loved the story of Jonah. Even the teachers who are not always enthuiastic about Christian things, were nodding their heads in approval.

Ruthie is almost 5 years old and wears her hair in pony tails. She is Romanian and her parents attend the Bible school.They all came to the puppet show. Ruthie is already a believer, but was encouraged by the story to speak to her parents. She told her parents, "I have decided to obey my parents and to obey God." Ruthie is a very smart little girl. Please pray for her faith to keep growing!

Our Students

We taught for 3 hours this morning and were so thrilled by the response of the young people. After dinner, we met with 15 different students and went over their first efforts to tell a Bible Story the way Sam and I tell one. I tell you the truth. We learned something from every single student. They tried so hard and came up with some of the most original ideas. All 15 students choose a different Bible story, drew illustrations for it, and acted it out for us.

Tomorrow, we have 27 more students and the first meeting is at 6:45 AM. The rest we will see on Thursday. Please pray for us to be a blessing to these young people. We have only 5 more hours of lessons and so much more to cover.

In Jesus,Linda for Sam, Silvana, Calah, and Billy