Dearest Friends,


It is not always easy for us to have access to the internet. For the past 3 days, we have been doing ministry in another city. We had an amazing time. If you were praying for us over these last 3 days, then you can read these stories and see how God answered your prayers. Please pray for us everyday, whether you hear from us or not. This is a very dark place, and we need the strength of your prayers.


Early one morning, we met together for prayer and to read God’s word. God used Psalm 115 to speak to our hearts. "Our God is in the heavens; he does all that he pleases. Their idols are silver and gold, the work of human kind. You, who fear the Lord, trust in the Lord! He is their help and their shield." We are surrounded by false gods! There are several at the little hotel where we are staying. Since we have traveled to another city we all noticed the increase in temples. They are everywhere! You can buy your false gods at different shops or you can purchase a mask from different vendors to scare evil spirits from your home. It is a symbol of darkness itself and invites trouble, but this is not understood.

This city has many problems because it is a very strong Hindu place and the caste system, though outlawed, is still strong in people’s hearts. There is also a strong Islamic group here, so this city suffers from many false teachings. Demonic activity is also a big problem. We are in the dark and discovering each day how the Lord is our help and shield. Please pray! Please listen to the Holy Spirit as he calls you to pray for us, even if it is in the middle of the night! We are 10 ½ hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time in America. Expect to wake up!


On Monday, we did 3 shows and shared the hope of the cross with 3,500 children. We were all in awe of how the Lord was blessing us. At each school, many of the teachers and sometimes the assistant head-master gave us trouble, but we were always allowed to share with the children. Some of the teachers actually listened, but they were fewer in number than those who glared at us.

At each school, we explained Jesus’ death and resurrection. We told the children how they could know Jesus as their personal Savior and even gave an example of how they could pray, using my testimony. We could not pray with them, but that is not a problem with God! We will not nurture this seed in their hearts and call them. They know what to do to become a Christian.

This is what we have done in India over the last 4 years. Still, even with their opposition, the teachers and principals from schools that we went to last year were disappointed that we were not coming to their schools this year. Praise God! All of these schools this year in this town are new places for us to share. We have so many wonderful opportunities.


There is not time for me to write all that we see God do in a single day, but I will share with you what I can. At a school of 1500 boys, I looked into their faces and saw that they were hungry to hear the Gospel. Can you imagine 1500 boys sitting in the dirt spellbound by the Gospel? When I said that Zacheus looked down the road to see Jesus, they too looked because they were so caught up in the story. At other schools, we had this same response. My heart is broken for these children!

At a school for girls, I told the girls that they were a treasure to the one true God and their countenance lifted as they heard the words in their own language. Will delighted them by bragging on his wife, Alli in his testimony. He showed them a little bit of how a Christian man looks at his wife. Remember, this is a place where healthy baby girls are thrown into the Ganges River to redeem their worthlessness.

One principal only gave us 20 minutes. I asked for 40 minutes. We compromised at 35 minutes. One friend thought that maybe we should not say "Jesus" since it made people angry. We could not agree to this. We began the program and ironically, after we began to talk about Jesus, the principal gave us an extra 15 minutes. He was a Hindu and his actions encouraged all of us to be wise, but to share Jesus. Our friend considered the principal’s actions a confirmation that he was not to worry.


We set up our stage in front of a Hindu temple. Can you imagine? We used the light of the village’s only street light so that the children could see. The local pastor was very excited and said that every night the power is out from 7-9:00pm. This is always true. However, the light never went out. Praise God!

By God’s grace, 200 people attended the show that night, men, women and children. Almost all were Hindu and so many were hearing about Jesus for the first time. Sam told an amazing story! There is a weekly outreach in this village, but so far no one has publicly confessed Christ. Ask God to give them courage! They looked into our eyes with such hunger. Their poverty was great but their soul’s poverty was much greater.

Afterwards, they crowded around all of us asking us to pray for them. This happened in so many places. People came asking for prayer for pain, for blessings for their children, for family members, for everything you can imagine and more. The village elder said to me, "May you live 1000 years to tell these stories." This man was a Hindu. Pray for this small seed of faith to grow in his heart. We left this place exhausted and more happy then I can describe.


We are back at ACA and feel as though we are home. I will continue to write the reports of our 3 days working with Pastor Livingston. Please pray for our time here, as we are going to many villages. Today, we were denied entrance to a school because they were afraid to have us come. We need special prayer for tomorrow morning as our friend and partner in ministry, Hanson, will go to speak to schools about programs. We are having some problems with the schedule on Monday and Tuesday. Please pray and ask God to fill this schedule. Please pray for God to hold open the doors. Please ask others to pray.
Also, we began teaching at the seminary tonight and we are very excited about this opportunity. We have 6 more evenings of meetings with these incredible young men and young women. I will tell you some very exciting news about this part of our schedule later.


Please take the time to read the following request from our partner in ministry in Moldova, Alexandru Sandulac. We saw God do amazing things in Moldova because of this man’s sacrificial efforts for the Gospel. Please read the request that he sent us and if you desire to help him, please contact him directly through his email:

He has a way to receive funds in the United States.

This is the message he sent:

Please pray for our son Paul, 12 years old that is in the hospital in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. He has breathing problem and often cannot breathe. It has gotten so bad last week that he could not even stay on his feet. We went to the best doctors in Moldova we know but our hope is just in God. Doctors say that most probably he has asthma and the doctor that is treating him insists on giving him hormonal treatment. All problem began 1,5 years ago, when he had pneumonia and doctors in Cupcini, our home town misdiagnosed it and did not treat it for almost 2 months, then he was treated in another city (Balti), but still got pneumonia 4 times in a year period.

Please pray God will heal Paul and encourage him, and that the Lord will provide funds for his treatment and medications, as we did not have any money for that and had to borrow. We have already spent for his treatment $1,300.

God bless you! And thank you for your prayers and friendship.

In Christ,

Alexandru and Svetlana

In Jesus, Linda for the team

Sam Shaw, Assistant director
Silvana Shaw, Will & Alli Jackson