Dearest Friends,


God gave us the most wonderful answer to your prayers! The chief gave us permission to share with his children, but more, to do a show inside the palace compound. He even came out and sat on his throne, watching the entire program. We saw hundreds of children praying out loud, calling on Jesus to save them. I met with one group of children and their pastor who had walked over 4 miles to come to the show. We were all humbled by their desire.

When we finished, the chief was so pleased that he posed for pictures with us. He declared, "I have joy for the words that I have heard." Then he asked us to eat with him. Since we could not stay because we had a prior invitation to eat with the pastor of the local church, he gave us a stalk of bananas. This is not a single bunch, but an entire stem full of bananas.

While we were packing, he decided that he had not done enough. We were presented with a live goat. There was only one thing to do. This gift could not be refused. We tied the goat and the bananas to the roof and went to our next show. We are still traveling on very rough roads and the goat was not happy. We did not need a horn. His bleating told everyone that we were coming.

How did all of these incredible things happen? First, we saw God move so powerfully because so many people must have been praying. Then, in answer to so many prayers, God sent the chief a dream. We were invited into the palace for a private audience. That is how we found out about his dream. He received us because the night before we came he dreamed that a car load of people were coming to see him from Yaounde. When we arrived, he saw God’s hand. Isn’t this incredible? Our friends told us that they were so surprised by his openness. Normally, he would not have behaved this way.

More, during our private audience, Sam and I were both given the opportunity to share with him. Sam told him the story of the good Samaritan and how he could know Jesus. He also brought him greetings from the people of Ireland. That was funny.

I shared my own story of faith and included Mike’s testimony. I told him that the only hope for his children, for his people is Jesus Christ. He and the queen mother listened. Please pray for this man to come to faith in Christ. The jujus (witchdoctors) share his palace. He lives in the dark and desperately needs the light that only Jesus can give.

All of us are in awe of our Father! Who stands where witchdoctors stand and shares Christ? God is so good!


While the team set up, I was taken to meet the second chief by myself. We walked through 3 inner courtyards, following the chief’s torchbearer (his right hand man). Then one of the men with us coughed. It is not proper to call for a chief out loud. This chief is a believer.

The chief came, welcomed me and said, "I believe God will give you the strength to do the job He has given you." Then he said he would pray for me to go everywhere with this work. He added some more words about how God would take care of me.

When I heard his words, I was stunned. All day long, I had been missing Mike and his leadership as our director. I had confessed to the Father how inadequate I felt and mostly, how much I miss my husband. Then God spoke to me through a man I have never met, who knew nothing of my circumstances. I was so encouraged and comforted.

The chief gave me gifts before we left. I received a 50 pound bag of potatoes and 2 roosters in baskets. We tied these on the roof with the goat. He bleated through the Bible story, but seemed happier once we tied the chickens on the roof. I think he was lonely.

Again the children responded powerfully to the Gospel and prayed loudly, calling on Jesus. Praise God!


Sam was just beginning to tell his story when the rooster on top of the roof started to crow. It is entertaining traveling with livestock! We also had the opportunity to meet Silas’s mother. Please hold her in your prayers as her husband just went home to be with the Lord in December.

The children were so very excited and Sam did a great job telling the story. In soft whispers, they trusted Jesus.


We spent Sunday morning in a rural Baptist church where Silas’ father had preached. The singing was like what you would expect in heaven. They sang, "Today is the day of decision, tomorrow will be too late." In a place where so many have AIDS and die, these words carry more weight.

They danced down the isles to give their offering. Last week more than 300 people attended and gave CFA 9,000 ($21.80). This is a huge offering for people who live in houses made of mud bricks that they made themselves. The roofs are thatch and the floor is dirt. They truly have nothing, but they give.

The church was in rough shape. You could hear the bats that filled the ceiling and their guano was on the benches. The smell was very, very strong. The walls were dirty and cracked. The front wall was decorated with scenes of Christ’s return and scriptures. Outside the windows, huge mountains rose against a blue sky. I remembered the scripture, "I will look unto the hills from whence comes my strength and my salvation." No one cared about where they were sitting. Their focus seemed to be only on Jesus.

Sam preached a great sermon, and I gave a missionary report, but those stories will have to wait until tomorrow. We are all exhausted!

Please hold us in your prayers as we will be doing shows in schools and at a market on Tuesday.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam Shaw & Assistant Director
Silvana Shaw
Anna McIlwaine & French Director
Heather Kelley
Silas and Mary Nfor & Cameroonian Directors