Dearest Friends,

Note-Please know that i have not been able to check my personal email for 5 days and do not expect to be able to check it for another 3 days.


After yesterday, I could not have imagined that today would be so special. We had seen God move in such an incredible way with the chiefs that I confess I did not have big enough expectations for today. The Father surprised us. Our favorite show of the day was at a rural school just outside Ndu town. We set up on a hill surrounded by the most incredible views of the mountains and the forest. The children came and sat or stood on the grass and we began the program.

In the middle of the Bible story, the sky suddenly grew very dark and it began to rain. However, the children made absolutely no effort to leave. It rained harder and harder but they continued to stay and listen to the Gospel. They were so hungry. None of us were willing to quit when we saw how determined they were to watch the program. Even the teachers, the head chaplain, and the headmaster stayed. Everyone wanted to see.

When we finished the show, we gave the children an opportunity to receive Christ. They responded by praying very loudly and with great enthusiasm. I told the children, "You will always remember today, the day you asked Jesus to be your Savior sitting in the middle of a thunderstorm surrounded by beautiful trees on the top of a mountain." Through the years I’ve met so many Tpeople who aren’t sure when they asked Jesus to be their Savior. They can’t remember. These children will never have that problem.


God has given us an incredible opportunity and we need your help. Someone who is reading this e-mail needs to adopt this project and help us to meet a very special need. Since we have been in Cameroon, God has shown us great favor with all the government officials in the areas where we have worked. It is the same in this area. All of the public schools are open to us. Also, all of the private schools have welcomed us, no matter which denomination they are. Today we received a request. We can place Bible story books in each of the 43 schools run by the Cameroon Baptist Convention in this district. They have no supplies to teach the children Bible stories except for the Bible. Children do not even have individual copies of the Bible, but more, children need pictures. We want these children to grow up hearing all of the wonderful stories in God’s Word.

The area chaplain spoke to me today. He had a very simple request. He told me about growing up as a little boy in this area and hearing Bible stories, and how much they had meant to him. He said that none of these teachers even have a Bible story book to read to the children. When I heard him talking, God began to give me this idea. I want to place well illustrated Bible story books in each of these 43 schools. I would like to place at least 2 copies in each school so the staff can share them to teach the children.

This is an incredible opportunity to impact children in this area of Cameroon for the Gospel. This is a very small request. To be honest, the bigger part of this expense will be the shipping. Please pray. I believe that someone who is reading this e-mail today can respond to this very urgent need.


I would love to tell you that I always know just the right thing to do at a program and always do it. However, that would not be true, and today was a good example. At our first show today we had a real problem with the children staying quiet. I allowed myself to become distracted by the noise in the room and did not do the best job I could have done telling the story. I also confess that I was frustrated with the teachers who were not helping us. Despite my lack of focus, God was kind to us. Many children prayed to receive Christ. Ironically, an Irish nun came up to me after the show. She told me she had never seen the children so well behaved. She was amazed at how well they listened. Again, the Father showed us great mercy.

I used my mistakes as an illustration to teach our new puppet team what not to do. At the second show, we had similar problems but my focus was completely on Jesus. That made all the difference. So today, I taught our new team what not to do and what to do. I marvel at God’s forgiveness. I am grateful for all the lessons that He continues to teach me.


We are still in the North West and request your prayers for these children. Our days are long but we are very happy. Last night, on our way home from the incredible Sunday that God had given us, we had a flat tire in the dark and in the rain. Then we accidentally stood in a nest of carpenter ants. This accident made our lives very interesting as some of them got in the car with us on the way home. Then the motorcycle of the youth pastor broke down in front of us. They had to push his bike up several hills before we could find someone who could help him. We were in the middle of nowhere. Our own ride home was also an adventure as the roads had become giant mud puddles. We slipped, bumped and slid our way to the house. So, please pray for us as we are traveling. Please pray for our driver Dennis who is doing a great job and loves the Lord. Please ask God to make us wise as we share with the children.

Love in Jesus,
Linda for

Sam Shaw & Assistant Director
Silvana Shaw
Anna McIlwaine & French Director
Heather Kelley
Silas and Mary Nfor & Cameroonian Director