Please disregard the last of our newsletters dated April 17 and 19 as it was sent in error. The latest news is given below. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thanks again for your support in prayer, which we really value!

April 18th 2008

Dearest Friends,


Our last day in the Northwest was an answer to prayer. We asked the Father to make it special because all of us are sad at the thought of leaving these wonderful children. He is so faithful! Our first program was in an all-Muslim area, but we had received special permission from the government to be in the public schools. Isn’t that awesome?

Children from 5 schools, public, Christian, and Muslim gathered in a big field. The teachers came too. Though we were not able to pray with the children, we did teach them how to pray and call on Jesus to save them. Many of the children walked a good distance, but no one seemed to mind.


The grandeur of God’s creation surrounds us. This is a beautiful place! There are no tourists in Cameroon because they lack a developed infrastructure. The things that travelers demand do not exist here, but the views are spectacular. We passed a tea plantation full of workers very early as we were going to the morning show. Eucalyptus trees grow everywhere.

The schools are scattered along winding dirt roads and usually have dirt floors. They have precious few supplies and not many books. We have been with thousands and thousands of children, but not a one has had glasses. It’s not that they don’t need them. They are not available.

Many children in rural areas walk up to 3 miles each way to school. Some walk even further. Many children that we see are wearing torn, dirty clothing. Others have birth defects that would have been treated in the West. Here, they endure.


Mary’s father loved the Lord and planted two churches in the Muslim area that we worked in on our last day in the Northwest. A Muslim man even donated the land where the church is built. In this area, so many children, mostly Muslim, gathered in a field, sitting in tall grass. They listened to a story about the miracles of Jesus Christ and heard testimonies of changed lives. Then we made balloons for everyone. A large group of men patiently waited so that they could also have a flying mouse balloon. Everyone left very happy.

April 19th, 2008


Djoko Boris and Brandon are 2 little boys, about 11 years old, and best friends. Today, they became brothers in Christ. At an outside puppet show, just before a storm, they asked Jesus to be their Savior. Then they came up to thank me.


In the North West, we met Mymona, a grandmother who is raising her grandchildren. Both of her daughters and their husbands are dead from AIDS. This is a common story as so many die daily here. This place is full of orphans.


Today, we smiled as we did a show on the steps of a large church. When the children heard that Jesus healed the blind man, they all clapped. It is a good thing to be like a small child!

Today, we received a texted thank you from the Catholic priest in Ndu. He was very grateful for the puppet show we did where hundreds attended. We told all the children how they could trust Jesus and prayed with them.


We returned safely from the North West and we appreciate your prayers. While we were in the villages, the President of Cameroon declared himself President for life, changing the constitution. The government is renowned for its corruption and trouble was expected. To stop the potential for riots, more armed checkpoints were established. Consider that we passed through 36 stops on our way to Ndu and there were many more stops on our return to Yaounde. All were armed.

We are scheduled to leave Cameroon at 10 pm Tuesday night, but must travel 4 hours across the country to reach Douala. More, we must finish training our new team. Please pray for us. There is much to do. Also it is extremely hot here and we are all very tired. Because we are back in the city, there is a lot of pollution. Ask the Father to give us strength and wisdom for the days that remain.

In Jesus,
Linda Summer for
Sam Shaw – Assistant Director
Silvana S. Shaw
Anna McIlwaine – French Director
Heather Kelley
Silas and Mary Nfor, Humphrey Nformi & Cameroonian Directors