Dearest Friends,


Children from three schools gathered for an early morning program. As our friend Mary said, "Their number was uncountable." They were so excited and full of joy as they delighted in every part of the program. When we finished, even the teachers were excited! As we left, they lined the sides of the road as they walked back to school. The children laughed, smiled, and waved. We are rich!


Sam told the children the story of Jonah at a place called Jirt. His story held them spellbound. They responded to the story with the same enthusiasm that they had greeted us with when we arrived. Two schools were waiting for us in a large church. A roar escaped the building as we arrived.

It was quite a trip to get to this place. All of the roads that we are traveling on are dug out by hand and rougher than you can imagine. We hugged the side of a mountain as we drove into a deep valley. Farms crawled up its sides. The view was spectacular, but the children’s smiles were the best part of the afternoon. Dozens and dozens of children trusted in Jesus. Praise God!


At the second and fourth program we experienced pure joy. The children had waited fro us to come all day. They were so excited with every single ting we did. Best of all, they prayed by the hundreds. Each day is such a display of God’s Holy Spirit moving among the children. I can never express to you the joy and wonder that is ours. Please stay on your knees! Tomorrow, Friday is our 12 hour drive home. You would not believe the roads. Pray for "walka fine" which is pigeon English and it means safe journey.


It’s been over 2 ½ years since Mike went home. Perhaps, you think it odd that I still miss him desperately, but I don’t. I loved him and prayed for him for over 34 years. His loss does not cripple me, but it has birthed in me a deep tenderness that I never though possible. Mike always had a greater compassion then I possessed. All this pain has been used by our Father to grow my heart. IN spite of everything and through everything, I am so grateful.

When I stand in front of the children and look into their eyes, I see such deep need and pain. I pray the Father lets Mike glimpse what I see. These children are worth whatever price we must pay, with our bodies and our finances, to tell them about Jesus who is their only hope. He is my only hope!

Sunday morning, I shared part of In Jesus, my story and encouraged wives to love their husbands and husbands to love their wives. I encourage you as you read these words to live lives marked by expressions of deep love. Our marriages must reflect the glory and wonder of our Father if we are to show this broken world His love

Linda Summer for
Sam Shaw – Assistant Director
Silvana S. Shaw
Anna McIlwaine – French Director
Heather Kelley
Silas and Mare Nfor