Dearest Friends,

We are so blessed! Who has the sweet privilege of sharing Jesus Christ in a Muslim nation. Because you pray and by God’s grace, this is our testimony. Let me share with you some blessings.

1. We were in a Tatar village and God provided someone who could translate from English into Tatar. Then the children could understand the stories about Jesus.

2 Sam, Silvana and I are so blessed by one of our Ukrainian puppet teams that is working with us. Masha, Oleg, and Oksana spent the night in the Kiev train station and then traveled 2 days by train to reach us. They saved the money for this trip and paid for their own mission trip. This effort represents great personal sacrifice. So we are a team from 4 different nations. We laugh allot and often confuse each other, but we are having so much fun!

3. After one show, i spoke with 4 widows. They had sat and stood for an hour, listening to the puppet show! We made all of the children balloons and we made each of the ladies a special flower balloon. They were very pleased and happy to listen to me talk with them while they waited for their balloons.

I told them about the great love story that the Father gave Mike and I. The love a Christian man can show his wife is very different from their own experiences. It was precious to share with them about Jesus. One lady was very touched by what she heard. My hands were very dirty from drawing pictures. She grabbed my dirty hands and began to kiss them, telling me how grateful she was for the stories she had heard.

4. One little girl had made a sign that she held up during different parts of the puppet show. It was written in beautiful English and beautifully decorated. It said, "Very Good". Her sign made all of us smile!

5. Earlier today, we set up our equipment in a large culture hall. These places were built to teach people about Communism, that there is no God. Today, that auditorium was filled with public school children who heard about the one true God. It was a very special show. All of us could feel a great out pouring of Gods spirit on the children. Many of the teachers came to us and thanked us. They were excited! Praise God!

Prayer Requests

We have traveled deeper into Tatarstan and need your constant prayers for protection and wisdom.

Thank you!

In Jesus,

Linda for
Samuel Shaw – Assitant Director
Silvana Simioni Shaw