Dearest Friends,

We arrived safely home from Brazil, blessed by the Father with even more stories of how He moves in the lives of children. I will finish sharing these with you in the next letter, but today I write to ask for your prayers. Each summer, I spend my time traveling in the USA. A little after 6 this morning, we will leave for Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New Hampshire. Please pray for this time!

I am traveling with a brand new team. Toby Simmons , Malachi and Naomi Armstrong … all go to church with me. I have watched them grow up. Hannah Sager is from Missourri, serves on a puppet team there, and often travels with me overseas. I have also watched Jade Rogers grow up, though from a distance. She serves with Sam Shaw, our Assistant Director, in Northern Ireland. Each of these young people is very dear to me and I am excited to have their company! Please hold us all in your prayers.

They have been practicing very hard! Yesterday, we did a show in an inner city area where children see and experience things that children should not see or know. It was a challenging show, but they did a super job! God called many of those children to himself as we heard them praying out loud. I have been doing shows in this place for years, but I have never seen such a public response. We did not ask for it, they just prayed out loud. One little child gave Malachi a hug and another thanked me for the story. We know that this is a very dark place, but today God shined the light of His love there! Praise God!

In Jesus,Linda