Dearest Friends,


American airports are full of soldiers these days. As we waited for our flight to Germany, we sat with many soldiers, men and women all wearing desert camouflage. One young man noticed the tags on our bags and asked me "What is the Agape Puppets?" I told him what we do and shared with him and several others the hope of Jesus that we share with the children. He seemed surprised at some of the places where we worked. I told them stories about the children of the world, how they live and how they suffer, and how Jesus changes their lives. I also thanked them for their service and their sacrifice.

As the young man stood to leave, he came over and shook my hand. He said, "You are braver than I am." What a strange thing for a young solider headed to Afghanistan to say to a children’s Bible teacher. How odd to call a white haired old woman that walks with a cane brave!

And then I thought of the scripture in I Corinthians that says that God choose to use the weak things of the world so that’s there is never any question about the source of His power. He chooses miserable, weak instruments like me so that He receives the glory. Praise God!
This young man was sincerely puzzled by what he saw and heard. He can only solve this puzzle when he puts his trust in Jesus and sees Him as the source of his strength. More, he was drawn to listen to the stories about Jesus. Please ask the Father to protect him and to deliver him home safe to those he loves. More, pray for him to seek and know Jesus Christ.
Nothing happens by accident as all appointments are by God’s hand. We need to pray for this young man!

An Irish Church

This morning, we went to Sam’s home church. I was so blessed by all the love we felt from our brothers and sisters. Many had never seen a puppet show, so this was a special opportunity for them to really understand what Sam does. More, we were all blessed by the love that they showered on us.
Tonight, we will meet with our friends in the Irish band Reality and pray together for our ministry together across Ireland. That part of the adventure begins on Friday, but meanwhile, we have other places to share and a lot of practice. We are combining people from 5 countries and several puppet teams.
Please hold us in your prayers, but please pray especially for the people of Ireland to fall deeply in love with Jesus.

In Jesus, Linda for Sam, Silvana, Toby, Malachi, Sabina, Cody, Jade and Yeva