Dearest Friends,


Last year, we went to Belfast to an area where children had been taught to hate. It is an area with a high crime rate and many families struggle, spiritually and economically. Sam reminded me how I asked the children a question last year. I said," If someone hurt you, could you forgive them." Except for one small little girl, every child in the room said, "No."

This area is Protestant by culture, but not by faith. The area is full of churches, but they are mostly empty. Little effort is made to reach the children. We are working with a precious group of older ladies and gentlemen at a small church there. For years, they have devoted themselves to these children. We wonder what will happen to this precious light when they are gone.

The children really listened last year and many of them prayed, asking Jesus to be their Savior. Still, there are more who come who do not know Jesus. Tonight, we will return to this place and we beg you to pray for these children who live in the dark. All of them promised to return and bring more friends. Ask the Father to us wise and loving as we share.


Caravan parks are places where people come to vacation in Northern Ireland. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, we will be working in different ones. Please pray for the children in these places to trust Jesus. The place yesterday told us that we would only have 3 children, but the Father blessed us with 30 children and adults. Most were from a Catholic background, from many places around Northern Ireland. It always amazes me how God brings people together to hear about Jesus.

They really enjoyed the program. All of their parents thanked me for the show. It is very important to go where these children are and share with them. They need us to come to them. Please pray for these places!

Very late last night, we walked down to the sea. It is a short walk for the place where we are staying at Murlough House. It was amazing! The moon over the water made you stand in awe of the Father’s creation. More, we stood there and prayed for the children that we would be sharing with today. Please join us in our prayers!

Many of you will remember a wonderful young man from Southhampton, England who served with us for years. David surprised me on Monday night and came for a visit. I was so blesssed! I feel like I have received the best present as I enjoy his company.

Please pray him safe home on Thursday as he must return to nursing school that starts on Friday.

In Jesus, Linda for Toby, Malachi, Yeva, Sabina, Jade, Sam and Silvana