Please forgive the mistake that was made in labeling yesterday’s newsletter. It should have been labeled #6, but it turns out that I was not as clear as I had hoped at 2 AM. We are doing street shows every afternoon and a second set at night. Now, it is after 1 and everyone is just beginning to get quiet. Even though we go to bed very late , we are usually up early. We are an extremely sleep deprived bunch of people, but we are all so happy.

There is no way that I can describe to you but a tiny bit of all that we seeing the Father do. The crowds are amazing. They stand for hours in the rain and cold listening to Christian music, testimonies, Bible stories, and watching puppets. I have loved Jesus since I was 5 years old, but I must tell you the truth. I would not stand in such miserable weather, cold and soaked to the skin , to hear a Gospel presentation. Still, we see people stand for hours each night in the worst possibles weather.

I look into their eyes and see such pain. They are so desperate for the God that they deny. There are so few people in Ireland who can explain the difference between religion and knowing Jesus. People are taught to follow rules as the way to know God. They live very frustrated lives, bound by laws that they know they have broken. They live without hope. We want them to know about Jesus and how His spirirt will change them from the inside out.

Thank you for praying .Please pray for these dear people to understand true faith!


Tonight, after I finished telling the story, I walked out in the crowd. An Italian lady grabbed my arm and thanked me for the program. She told me that she did not understand how she could be so touched by the program. She told me that my words had made her cry. I smiled and explained to her that what she was experincing had nothing to do with me. I told her that she was feeling the love of God and the love of Jesus. Both of them stood listening to the program the entire evening despite the rain and cold. Please pray for them to put their trust in Jesus. God knows their names.


Perhaps you have been wondering what really happens at a street show. Last year, a Romanian lady trusted Jesus as her Savior at a Galway street show. We never knew, but she received literature on the local church at the show. Now, she is an active member of the church. We actually know very little of what the Father does , but we are confident that He is doing more than we can ask or imagine! Pray!


We are leaving here in the morning and will be doing strret shows in Castlebar and Westport. As always , we will need you to pray for the weather.

In Jesus, Linda for a very tired and happy team