What an awesome evening! Nothing in this world gives me joy like hearing chidren call on the name of Jesus, asking Him to be their King and their Savior. If I could sing, I would have been singing as they asked God to forgive them and be their Father!
Even adults were heard praying.

With our dear friends, the Irish band Reality, we did a program in a church built in 1785. The cornerstone was laid by John Wesley, a famous Methodist evangelist. The church closed in the 70’s and for many years was not a light for Jesus. Today, a sweet fellowship meets in this place and tells the people here that there is hope.

As I write you these words, the party is still going on outside this door. people stayed to enjoy cups of tea and bisquits (cookies). Wonderful conversations happened and are still happening as people are unwilling to leave. It has been a precious evening.

The crowd loved the band and enjoyed the puppets so much. The most popular puppet was a giant bear with a six foot arm reach. Malachi wore him and then climbed on top of Simon’s shoulders. Simon is a dear friend of Reality who stands 6 foot 4 inches tall. For a while, I was not sure if Simon would fall or Malachi would pass out from the heat of wearing a furry suit. They were dancing and clapping to the song. The church loved it!

We are all so blessed!


We have had 2 great opportunities to share on the streets here, in 2 different cities. So many people stopped to listen and some talked with us. I even met a man from Georgia, where I live. How can I describe to you the wonder of standing on a street in Ireland and sharing ith people the hope that only Jesus gives. More, though most would not believe as we do, they clap for every part of the program. Sometimes, they come up to us afterwards and thank us for what they have heard. Hundreds have accepted Gospel literature, some took Biubles, and all about the Father’s plan for them. We even had people listening from across the street. Some stopped in their cars and others parked nearby to listen. Praise God!


Tomorrow, we head for Dublin. Please send your prayers ahead of us and ask God to hold the rain, get us a spot on the street and call people to listen!

In Jesus,Linda for an exhausted and happy crowd of souls