Dearest Friends,


We drove for 4 hours across some very interesting roads to reach the pastor’s house. All along the way, we were stopped by the police and questioned. This beautiful place was ripped apart by 14 years of civil war and now they carefully watch for rebels who might come to Liberia again. With all of these stops, it is not easy to predict when you will arrive at a place.

As we drove down the road to his house, many children lined both sides of the road waving pieces of tall grass. They cheered for us and shouted "Welcome." Many held signs. One said "Welcome Sister Linda and The Agape Puppets." As soon as we got out of the truck they crowded around us, smiling and singing.

We were overwhelmed by their love and joy. It was like being in a Bible story. All of us were humbled by their welcome. As we drove through the crowd of cheering, singing children, I prayed out loud. I asked God to help us. Pray for us to do a good job for these precious children. Ask God to call many to faith in Jesus!


The music is wonderful! There is lots of clapping and drums. People sing in English, Bassa, and other tribal languages. They pray about everything.

People walked for miles to come to church and worship God. One young man used his wheel chair to get to church. Then, because there was no ramp for him, he simply crawled inside with his legs dragging under him. He found a seat and began to smile and sing. He did not let anything keep him from worshipping God. His commitment challenges me to truly love and worship God. His name is Taipe Weah. Please hold him in your prayers.

We met a wonderful lady who loves Jesus very much. She has lost all of her fingers and thumbs to leprosy, but does not complain. Please hold Borkeo in your prayers as all work here is done by hand. More, she is widowed and very old. I am grateful that God allowed me to meet this sweet saint.


Sam preached yesterday morning and I gave a missionary report. Both of us talked about the forgiveness that God has poured into our lives and how His forgiveness had changed us and others.

This is a place in a desperate need of forgiveness. The civil war raged here for 14 years and they have only known 5 years of peace. Everyone has a terrible story to tell. Everyone has lost someone to a terrible death, some have lost many. There is so much hurt here and so much that must be forgiven. Many of the men that committed the crimes are still in Liberia.

One brother in Christ told me that he has seen many change as they have trusted in Jesus. Still, so many remain angry and hungry for their old life. I beg you to pray!


Much is the same here as it is in my home in the United States. People fall in love, have children, and dream of a better future. The hopes are the same, but the surroundings are so different.

The Civil War stripped the people of Liberia of everything. No one has electricity, unless he owns a generator and those are expensive. There is no running water for most people. They haul they water from a well. It is very hot here, but there is no relief. This was a very western country before the war destroyed everything.

People are hungry. Children in village areas wear whatever they have. A little girl had on a boy’s dress shirt and nothing else. We have seen some children wearing nothing. Others wear rags. If it is stained and has holes, it is still good.

Always, even in such a very desperate place, a child’s greatest need is Jesus. We are doing all we can, but my heart breaks for these children. Please pray for them.

Love in Jesus,

Linda for

Sam Shaw
Silvana Shaw
Calah Sager