Dearest Friends,


Our hearts are so full from our time with the children. They are so happy to see us when we arrive for a show. Many follow us down the road, waving to us. This is not an easy place to serve, but as soon as we look into the children’s eyes, we forget all about the difficulties.

They have such big needs. Standing in front of hungry, sick children and seeing them smile is a gift from the Father. When we talk about heaven as a place where there is no hunger, no pain, they listen. Orphans and street children have come to our puppet programs. They listen so sweetly as they hear that God can be their Father.

Many lost one or both parents during the Civil War. Some saw their parents murdered. Again, when we speak of forgiveness, they listen. We tell them that when you trust in Jesus and are forgiven, you can forgive anyone, anything. Others have been sexually or physically abused. One little boy who came to a show had his tongue cut out.

Liberia has an ocean of children and they seem eager to come and see the puppets. Most adults and children have never seen a puppet or a storyteller or juggling. God is using these simple things to call many to faith in Jesus.


We are doing shows in all kinds of places. We do programs at schools, orphanages, churches, and on the street. At our very first show, more than a hundred children could be heard praying out loud. Sometimes, the children pray silently and come to tell us after the show.

On the street, we saw a great outpouring of God’s spirit. Earlier in the day, children at a church school were shy and would not pray out loud. However, on the street, set up in front of an abandoned store front, we heard children loudly calling on Jesus to save them. Praise God!


Life is very different here. We stopped to buy gas at a gas station, but the pumps had not worked in years. They had built a wooden shelf between the pumps and had gallon sized glass jars of gas for sale.

There are small booths everywhere where you can charge your phone. One business was named "God Forgets No One Charging Station." Another was named "Love is Patient." The businessman chose a good name as everything we try to do requires patience.

A Liberian does not feel he has eaten unless he has rice. We have enjoyed many different foods including potato greens, the tops of the potatoes. They love very hot peppers. Children in villages eat mice. There was a time when many people ate cattle food.

Please pray for these dear friends. Ask God to supply all their needs.

In Jesus, Linda for

Sam Shaw
Silvana Shaw
Calah Sager