Dearest Friends,


FIRST SHOW- Crowd 350 children and young teens into a room that is too small to hold them. Then add a puppet stage and easel, along with whoever nearby saw us arrive. There is no breeze and the room is so hot, but no one cares. They are so excited and respond to the Gospel with enthusiasm. Our Liberian pastor friend asked how many of the children had prayed and we saw an ocean of hands raised, telling us that they had put their trust in Jesus.

SECOND SHOW- Our street show was rained out, but our friend Ben quickly found us a small Christian school with 200 children. Many neighbors stood in the windows watching. When the puppets came up for their song, children screamed and tried to leave the building. This had happened so many times, but everyone eventually calms down. Again, the children listened with their ears and their hearts. So many trusted in Jesus! Praise God!

THIRD SHOW- The Lord stopped the rain and several hundred people stood in the sun to listen to the program. We set up in a parking lot. You cannot imagine how hot it was, but the crowd stayed. More, a lot of them put their trust in Jesus!

I admit that every one of these shows is difficult because of the extreme heat and humidity, but we are so blessed. God is so faithful! The Liberian children are very sweet. Our friends here are eager to learn. We all feel privileged to serve here.


I want you to see that we see. We did a puppet show at a public school for 350 children. The school had only 7 teachers and no books, no supplies of any kind. They put all of the older children in one room together, 98 students.

The children were so hungry for affection. They crowded around us, reaching out to us, grateful for the smallest touch! Obviously, these precious children will not receive an education. They are loosing this generation.

I asked what had happened to the books. They told me that many were burned during the Civil War or destroyed by water damage when the roofs came off the buildings, some were taken to other countries.

There is a tremendous opportunity here for someone who wants to start a Christian school. Many are needed.


With the problems that exist in the school system, there is also very high unemployment. Very few people can find a job. A salary of $100 a month is considered very good pay. However, everything is very expensive and so many cannot afford the basic necessities.

You might thing that the situation is hopeless. The last couple of days I have been listening to a Liberian Christian singer. In one of her songs, she names all of these problems, but makes the sweetest conclusion. She sings "I just want to thank you Lord for all you have done for me. You take care of me."

The Christians that we have met here have the sweetest spirit. They are grateful to God for each thing that they have and quick to praise Him for his provision. They have so very little. All food is cooked over a fire. The bathrooms exist, but none of the faucets work. All water must be hauled from a well or lake.

Their spirit is a delight to my soul. They do not complain. They consistently thank God. May the Father give me, give all of us, the same heart. Please hold all of us in our prayers. Please pray especially for the children of Liberia to hear Jesus.

Love in Jesus, Linda for

Sam Shaw
Silvana Shaw
Calah Sager