Dearest Friends,


I always ask to go to villages where children do not have much to see. We all love the places that are difficult to reach and forgotten. These are my favorite places. After driving 2 ½ hours, we were deep in the bush. Our first show was at the rural school. You would be surprised to see how small a space 250 children can crowd into. Add another 50 or so adults and you can begin to imagine the crowd that waited for us. The Father poured out His spirit and called so many to faith. Praise God!


As we crossed a bridge, we were told that this bridge separated 2 counties. During the war, the rebels held the bridge. Those who were trying to escape had to keep off the roads and go through the bush. The rebels were quick to kill people. Many died simply trying to escape. Hunger and disease claimed many. Others fashioned small boats and tried to escape by sailing along the coast. However, these were poorly made and capsized easily. Many were drowned.

At the 2 shows that we did in this area, I spoke both times to the children and 2 large groups of adults, mostly widows. I usually do not speak with children about how Mike, my husband, burned to death in a fiery truck accident. It would simply be too much for them to hear. However, I talked about it today at the request of the Liberian pastors with us. These children had seen much worse and endured much more. They needed to hear how the Father could mend broken hearts. They desperately needed Jesus.


Our third show in this area and our fourth show of the day, was in our friend Loretta’s village. Mostly, it is now a jungle since the people who lived here are gone. Most are dead. The jungle covers their homes, but their stories must not be forgotten. So many died here, but they also lived. The survivors are trying to rebuild Liberia, but it is so hard.

We passed so many rusty signs marking clinics that no longer exist. Most of the missionaries had to flee during the Civil War, but many missionaries, like Liberians, never returned. This place is in need of short term medical mission trips. Both doctors and dentists are needed. Our pastor friend Ben works with Samaritan’s Purse and is able to organize such a trip. If this is the Father’s will for you, please send me an email and we will connect you with Ben.


We received so many gifts today. One church gave us a large bowl of rice as a thank you gift. Children cheered and ran down the road ahead of us as we arrived. Some patiently waited 4 hours deciding it was better to arrive early than to miss something. We were showered with smiles and laughter. Best of all were the Father’s gifts. Hundreds of children trusted Jesus. At one place, we even heard lots of adults calling on Jesus. We are exhausted, hot, hungry, and happier that I have words to write.


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