Dearest Friends,

Many amazing things are happening each day! We are all delighted with the time that we are spending with the children. However, we are seeing many things here that need your prayers.

1. Yesterday, God answered out heart’s prayer. A village school allowed us to pray with the children. As soon as the prayer started, children began to pray. We heard them calling on God. Then, they became very quiet, too shy to continue out loud. In my heart I know they finished those prayers silently. As the children left the room, so many stopped to thank me. They had the biggest smiles.

2. Everyday but one day here has been very cold. Most of the schools do not have the best heating systems. In one village, we saw the children dressed in their hats and coats for class. Pray for the Father to keep them warm as they listen.

3. In some of the schools, many of the children stood for the entire program. In one village, people crowded in the doorway to watch. Ask the Father to keep them hungry to hear about Jesus.

4. Today we shared with hundreds of children at 3 shows. None of the places would allow us to pray with the children. We were allowed to explain very carefully how to pray, asking Jesus to be their Savior. Ask the Father to call these children to faith tonight.

5. Two men who were working to repair a door stopped working for a while to listen.

6. Every school today invited us to come again. Keep praying for the doors to remain open in the public schools.

7. A teacher talked with me today, curious to know what religion we were. I explained to her that we simply loved Jesus and wanted to tell children about Him. She talked with me a long time, unwilling to believe that we did not have a hidden agenda. Pray for her to recognize the truth of the Gospel. She believed that she could be good enough to get herself to God.

8. Our last show was with young teenagers and they loved the program. Two of the teachers from the previous show loved what they heard so much that they came a second time. We told the story of Jesus and his miracles in the first show and the story of Joseph in the second. Please pray especially for those 2 teachers who do not know Jesus.

9. The young teenagers who heard the story of Joseph listened so well to the story. As I watched their eyes, I saw such hunger and need. Please pray for these young people to trust Jesus Christ as their King tonight.

10. After one program today, a young girl rushed up to me and said “I love you.”

11. Several teachers have expressed surprise at the behavior of their students. They say they can’t believe how well they listened. I understand why they are behaving so differently. We are all praying for them. Please continue to pray!

12. Tomorrow, Friday, we will go to a kindergarten and an orphanage, both for children with special needs. Please pray that we will do a great job for these dear children who are often ignored.

In Jesus, Linda for

Sam Shaw – Assistant Director
Silvana Shaw
Calah Sager
Toby Simmons
Naomi Armstrong