Dearest Friends,


In just a few hours, we will leave for the airport and fly to Taiwan. I am so excited about the opportunity to tell Buddhist children about the one true God! I can’t wait to see our friends Peter and Melody and here about all of their adventures in the past 2 years.
Also, I am so happy about the team that the Lord has put together for this trip. Sam Shaw and his lovely wife Silvana are always a blessing. Anna McIllwaine is the French puppet director and a constant joy. She will meet us in Taiwan. Jeremy Snow was one of very first puppeteers 18 years ago and so much fun to work with! As you can see, I am very excited about all the aspects of this trip and expect that the Father will do wondrous things! Once again we will be a team from 4 nations and 3 continents. It is strange and wonderful trying to explain to people how we became friends and partners in ministry when we come form so many places. Please pray for us to keep our eyes on Jesus. Please pray for many children to discover the truth of the Gospel.

Two months ago, we left Romania very pleased with the new team that God gave us! I remain excited about their present and future ministry and ask you all to hold them in your prayers! I have all confidence that they will do a great job of reaching their children for Christ.

Always in February, we are in India. Last year, we had an opportunity to share with 18,500 children thanks to the hard work of a dear young man named Hansen. In late December, he married and we were all so anxious to greet them and pray with them for their marriage. For years, we have worked with Joy and his dear wife. They all have such courage and love for Jesus. I have been very sad to not be in India this year. The persecution of the Christians has become fierce. Our presence would of put those we love at risk. Our friends asked us not to come and wait until next year. They can not wait for your prayers! Please daily ask the Father to protect them and make them bright lights in a very dark place. It is an honor to work with them and call them friends. They need you to be on your knees.


I have been home in the US the last 2 months, but not home in Georgia. Doors opened for ministry in Wisconsin, both coasts of Florida, and in Alabama. We also did programs in local churches. God is so kind to us. I have heard many children here in America calling on Jesus to save them. More, I have spoken at many churches and seen people awake to the need of the children in the world to hear about Jesus! I am eternally grateful to all those who made these many opportunities possible! Pray for our nation to respond to Jesus.

Please pray for all of us as we travel over the next 2 days.

In Jesus,Linda for the Team