Dearest Friends,

We are in Taiwan after 2 days of adventure. Nothing ever goes as we hope, but this trip is already full of stories that surprised even us. We arrived at the airport with our 12 very large suitcases and 8 carry on bags. so far, so good. Then we discovered that the visa sight that Sam and Silvana had checked was not recently updated. Silvana travels on a Brazillian passport and was told that she did not need a visa, but she did. We prayed, remained calm, and thanks to an amazing effort by my sister Cathy, Silvana got a visa in Atlanta. She will arrive later today. Praise God!

I was briefly detained in the Detroit airport because I set off an alarm that detected radioactivity. I registered a 6 on the alarm. The security people got very excited. I guess that I look like a mad bomber. In reality, I had some tests done on my heart on Tuesday and was injected with a radioactive isotope. After some special equipment was brought , they determined that I was just what I said, a children’s Bible teacher. The guard was not allowed to leave me alone, so I took the opportunity to tell him about Jesus and His hope.

Anna struggled to leave France in the midst of a labor strike. Then she helped an older French couple on the plane to Hong Kong. To thank her, they gave her a boiled egg and some nuts. Who travels with a boiled egg? A smile and a good sense of humor always helps.

Mostly, we remember that we trust in a sovereign God who holds all our days and plans. Truly, we walk trusting in our Father’s constant care. When things are funny or difficult, when unexpected expenses occur, when we arrive on time or are delayed, we smile and trust. This simple truth has required many lessons that we walked through on previous trips. I am so glad that God does not give up on us.

In minutes, we begin our ministry. We are on our way to teach a large group of believers at a local church. Please pray for this time.

In Jesus, Linda for Sam, Silvana, Jeremy and Anna