Can you imagine doing a puppet show in a hospital lobby? This is how we spent the morning. More, because the hospital was founded by a pioneer Presbyterian missionary to Taiwan, we had complete freedom in what we did and said. We could even pray with everyone, giving them an opportunity to ask Jesus Christ to be their Savior.

The head of the hospital, a doctor, came to welcome us. He stayed for most of the show and even wore a funny hat from Zimbabwe. All of the children loved him for making them laugh and clapped for him. I could not imagine a similar scene in an American hospital.

Doctors, nurses, patients, and those who brought them all listened. People stood on 2 floors in an open lobby, watching the program in a full circle. It was a very interesting way to tell a story. All the time you had to be looking up and down, and all around the room. Many set in chairs in front of us or stood around the room. Children came to see the puppets with their parents rolling their IV poles. Most stayed for the entire hour, instead of for parts of the program as we expected.

I watched as people listened eagerly to stories about Jesus and was amazed. More, even the adults stood in line for a free flying mouse balloon. Please pray for all of the seeds that the Father planted today. Please pray that those who heard will hunger to know more about Jesus. What a fantastic time we had at the hospital! That sounds strange, doesn’t it?


We received an invitation from a teacher while doing a program at a rural school on Monday. She invited us to come today and do an after school program. Her church has a ministry to very poor children whose parents work very long hours and have
little time for their children. The children were from Hakka homes and many were mountain children, from the Tayal tribe.

All through the story of Joseph, I could tell that they were really listening. Still, you never know how the Father will move in their hearts. It was the sweetest joy to hear dozens and dozens of children calling on God to be their Father, calling on Jesus to save them. We made all of these children balloons as well! We left the show full of joy. All of us kept talking about what a sweet day that we had been given.


None of us could have imagined that we had another wonderful surprise waiting for us. Peter had planned to go to one place to eat, but we were too late by the time that we finished the second program. We had one plan , but the Father had a better plan.
At the restaurant where we went, because we were eating lunch after 3PM, there was no one else there. We had a private restaurant. The owner and I had 2 great conversations about Jesus and some stories about the children we serve. With real joy, he received a Chinese illustrated life of Jesus. He became very excited. It is wonderful to see someone so thrilled! Please pray for this young man to trust in Jesus.


This was an especially sweet day. There is more to this story, but I will need to wait until tomorrow to tell you about the backpacks that we assembled today for a closed country. The hour is late and I confess that I am tired. Please stand with us in prayer!

In Jesus,Linda for Sam, Sil, Anna, Jeremy, Peter and Melody