Dearest Friends,


Today, the children were very caught up in the story of Jesus and His miracles. When He calmed the storm, you heard them say “Wow!” I want to be continually that excited when I think about what Jesus did… what He does. How sweet to hear Buddhist children excited about a Bible story!

Public Schools

Today, we did 3 programs at public schools. All of the programs were well received, even by the teachers. We shared with over 1200 children who loved what they heard. What an amazing privilege to tell so many Buddhist children about Jesus!

Some of the Christian teachers at one school were fearful about how the Gospel would be received. God gave them courage and peace. In the end, they were very pleased.

One of the best stories today happened in the strangest place. Two teachers took me to the restroom so that I could wash my hands. They both spoke English well. I continued a conversation with them that we had begun at the end of the show. One teacher goes to Peter’s church and one teacher is from a different church tradition. The second teacher said that she had never heard such stories as she has heard today. We talked about Jesus Christ and His miracles. All of us shared testimonies about how He had changed us.

The dear young woman began to cry. She said that she felt something she had never known before and put her hand over her heart. I told her my testimony and my husband’s testimony. God used these stories to touch her heart. She told me that what I said was “compelling.” This was the actual word she used. I explained to her that there was nothing compelling about me, but told her that what she was experiencing was the touch of God’s Holy Spirit on her life.

She looked at the other teacher and switched places with her. She said, “You stand beside her. God’s Holy Spirit is too much for me. I cannot stop crying.” We spent another half hour together and she asked many more good questions. Please pray for these 2 teachers. Pray that the second teacher will talk more with her believing friend. Pray that she will trust in Jesus.


We are so grateful for a Christian brother who owns a hotel here. He generously gives us a place to stay and we so appreciate his kindness. Each morning we enjoy a lovely breakfast and each evening, we rest well. Please ask the Father to bless him as he blesses others.


Everyone here has an English name. They all study English in schools. Most English names are pretty normal, but the other day, I met “Shopping.” Truthfully, many Americans could claim that name.

Many years ago, when I first began to work in Taiwan, I heard about a ladies’ clothing store here. They translated their name into English. Over the store front hung a sign that said “to cover your ugly.” This memory always makes me laugh.

Our Puppet Team

In Chinese, the words “puppet team” literally translates “cloth idol team.” Imagine going to a Buddhist school where people worship false gods. We introduce ourselves as Christians and then tell them that we are the Agape Cloth Idol Team. I confess that this is somewhat disturbing.

The worship of idols is very real here. The other day, we drove down the “god street” where you can go to buy your god. We have passed a couple of places that make gods. I always wonder if you can argue over the price and get a discount god, how much power does a person expect it to have? If you can make it with your own 2 hands, why would you worship it?

The people here are so precious, but they live in such darkness. My heart breaks for the children who grow up with these lies. Their homes all have a god shelf where they worship their dead ancestors. Please ask the one true God to break your heart so that you will remember to pray for the children of Taiwan. Please see their great need for the truth!

In Jesus, Linda for

Sam Shaw – Assistant Director
Silvana Shaw
Jeremy Snow
Anna McIlwaine
Peter and Melody