Dearest Friends,

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Sam, Silvana, and I will meet 2 team members from another country and prayerfully start a new puppet ministry in a country that I can not name. I have been advised that because of this particular country’s growing hostility to Jesus Christ that I should not name it in the emails. Presently, it is open to Christians, but they are making access very difficult.


1.It is our hope to share with thousands of children and encourage many new friends during this very difficult time. Ask the Father to open doors, especially to orphanages, and make us wise.

2.Customs presents a real problem. We need them not to open our suitcases or ask us any questions about our things or why we are there. God can do anything! Please pray!
I remember years ago standing in customs in Ukraine when it was difficult for Christians to visit. I was very tired and had so many big suitcases with me. Silently, I asked the Father to help me as I was alone, but in truth, never alone! Suddenly, a man came running across the airport and spoke to me in perfect English. He said, "Your face is full of light. You are a Christian! I will help you." To my amazement, he lifted every bag even though I had not spoken to him and asked him to help. When I turned to thank him, he was gone. He disappeared! I believe that he was an angel. Praise God!
This is the kind of miracle that we need.
Ask God to make them totally uninterested in our luggage. Please know that we never lie to these officials, as we trust not in our ability to be clever, but in God’s great power. It is our heart’s prayer that all of you who read these stories will give all praise and all glory to God alone!


We returned home from Taiwan with a heart full of praise as we shared with over 10,000 children , teens, and adults the hope that we have in Christ. Many were Buddhist and many indicated that they had found the one true God! We resupplied our team in the north and were able to start a new ministry in the south. Through our friends there, we were able to place teaching tools in the hands of children’s Bible teachers in Thailand, Burma, and China. I am so excited! Please pray over all of these ministries!


Many of you who receive these emails represent churches that do not support us. Would you please speak to your churches on our behalf? Like all missionaries, we have been notified by too many churches that due to difficult financial times, they are significantly reducing all of their missionaries support. Other friends have lost their jobs and can not support us any longer. This is not a problem for me to solve, but an opportunity for us to see God move in a big way! However, I need you to ask the Father how you can help. I need you to speak for children who have no voice.

I am happy to come and present what the Father is doing in the lives of children all over the world. He is awesome! If you wish to adopt a set of equipment for a particular country, please respond to this email and let me know your heart’s desire. We need your help, but I sincerely want you only to do what God tells you to do. I trust in His Providence and His faithfulness in all of our lives!


With all joy,
In Jesus, Linda for the team