Dearest Friends,

This is the most fantastic list of blessings. You are going to love this email. The last 3 days of ministry in Taiwan have been exhausting, but very sweet. Anna and I have been battling colds, but are feeling much better. Please forgive me for not writing sooner, but I really needed to rest between programs.

The mountains that are near the city, particularly Ali mountain, are very famous. However, only once after a rain, and then only for 15 minutes, have we seen any at all. The city is constantly covered with haze, but this week we are seeing God cover it with His Holy Spirit. We are all so blessed!

1. In the afternoon, after a group of students watched a program, they were excitedly talking about it on the bus. One young man heard them talking about what they had seen and heard. He was scheduled to take a test this morning and would have missed the program. He was so eager to hear what his friends had heard that he went and begged a teacher to help him postpone his test. She told me how happy he was to attend the puppet show.

2. At 7:40 AM this morning, hundreds of young people crowded into a hall. All of us felt the presence of God’s Holy Spirit on those young people. A teacher came to me and said, “I was so touched. The students were crying. I was crying.” We were allowed to pray with these young people and I ask you to continue in prayer for them. My heart broke for them as I looked deep into their eyes. They were so attentive. They listened eagerly as I described how the one true God offers forgiveness and love. Pray!

3. At a Catholic hospital, the priest and the director welcomed us and were very enthusiastic about what we share. A doctor later spoke to me about how amazed he was that a couple of hundred people had gathered on 2 floors to listen to the Gospel. He told me that even after we left, people were talking about what they had heard. So many people heard about Jesus Christ that morning. Most were from a Buddhist background and for too many, the Gospel was news.

4. At a kindergarten, Sam told the story of Jonah using balloons. The children loved the story. Best of all, many of them prayed out loud asking Jesus to save them.

5. Imagine 150 fourth graders at a puppet show. They were students at a public school, but we were given an open invitation to share with them. They loved the program, but remember, the entire presentation told them about Jesus. They were having a wonderful time learning about how they could have a relationship with God.

6. We did 2 programs at a school where we were not allowed translation. It was a very difficult time as we were desperate to tell the children about Jesus, but questioned their ability to understand our English. We were reminded about the Holy Spirit enabling men to hear the Gospel in their own language in Acts, and continue to pray that He will do the same for these children. Please join with us in these prayers.

7. A public school gave us 450 sixth graders and everyone was amazed at how well they listened. I was equally amazed. After all of these years telling children Bible stories, I am still delighted and blessed by the power of the cross to touch children’s hearts. The teachers were equally engaged as they listened to a story about the miracles of Jesus. It was an awesome experience!

8. Our last evening was spent in an exceptionally sweet time of fellowship with our new team and their families. We prayed together, laughed, and cried when we realized we had to say goodbye. They were all so kind. Ask the Father to really bless this new team with all of the wisdom and skills they need.

Our final show was at a kindergarten and we heard so many call on Jesus, asking Him to be their King. What a fantastic finish to an unbelievable time of ministry in Taiwan!


Tomorrow, Saturday at 4 AM, we will begin our journey home. Because of the 12-hour time difference, we will arrive home the same day. Please pray us safely home.

As we were driving to Hsinchu, the pastor in Chiayi called to beg us to change our schedule and return next year. All of our Chinese friends were all so eager to learn and anxious to begin this new ministry. Please ask the Lord to give us wisdom to make the right decision one week from now.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Sam, Silvana, Anna and Jeremy